Opening projects in new windows



After playing with Agenda for a while, I think it would be really useful to be able to open projects in separate windows (not unlike Things). This would make it much easier to cross-correlate, keep one project running in the background while moving around between others, and so on. Ah, and here’s a thought – maybe a “keep on top” option, too! There are very few note-taking apps that have a “stay on top” option (i.e. always stay on top of other windows, regardless of which app you have in focus). This would be another thing that sets Agenda apart.


We will think about the multiple window open.

Note that we have gone to some lengths to make the single window powerful for navigation. Have you noticed the history feature, for example? The arrows bottom-left.

The related info panel also allows you to jump to recently edited and related notes.

Most note taking apps don’t have features like this. Navigation was a focus in Agenda. We expect people to be jumping between notes, rather than sitting in a single note for hours (as with some other text apps).



Yup, the history feature I’m using all the time, also the recently edited notes (and related notes) features. They’re both great, and you’re right, to some extent they pre-empt the need for multiple windows. Hm. I’ll keep experimenting, in case my existing usage patterns are inhibiting my acquisition of new ones!


+1 for multiple window support. My first example of wanting multiple windows is when going through the items in the ‘Things to Try’ Sample Project. It would be nice to be able to reference the items in my own project in a seperate window, side by side.


+1 for multiple windows and for pop out notes.

My use case for multiple windows is:

I’ve got a project with various notes of meetings, phone calls, brainstorms etc. I then need to write a proposal or report as part of that project, and I need to refer to those other notes while I write the proposal.

So, I’d like to open one window to write the proposal - and I’ll probably close both side bars. I’ll have that window on the left of my screen (using Magnet to arrange windows).

The second window would be on the right of my screen and would probably close the file system side bar (because all my notes will be in the same project), and use the righthand sidebar with related notes etc, to jump between the notes I want to refer to.


A compromise might be satellite windows with just a note editor for a single note. Leave the controls for the app overall on the main window. This would support the use case of working on two notes at once without the horrifying complication of having two sets of controls.


+1 for multiple windows. I often have a few different notes for different projects I am actively editing, and it not as fluid for me to just back and forth in the same window - a personal pref would be TABS, i would love to have one project in one tab and a second or third in other tabs. I feel like no tabs is a limitation of most current note apps. MacJournal allows for tabs and I use the heck out of them. Thanks


Thanks for the feedback. As a workaround, what I often do is put the notes I need to access On the Agenda. Then I can much easier see them together in the On the Agenda overview.

But your request for some form of multi-note viewing is noted, and we will look into our options.


Another +1 for Open in New Window. I’ve got several notes that are quite long; I reference other notes when I’m using them — I could use Bear for the Open in Window function, but then I’d be flipping between apps.

Please consider including this… Many thanks.


you could even do a scratch pad. A slide over window where you can temprarity type in notes while looking at a note. Something like iOS 11 slide over windows. This way it would work on iOS too where you can’t have multiple windows.


Yet another +1 for multiple windows. I too would like to reference (potentially long) notes while working on others…within one app.


Another +1 for Pop Out note, or Open in new window. Lot of times I need a single note for outline of a document which I refer to while writing. But the rest of Agenda stays separate and indepedent of that task of writing and refering to that one outline note. Thanks.


I would welcome this feature very much. Especially when working with spaces it would be great to have the projects on the space with the rest of the relevant information.


I would love the option of having a note / project open in a new window.

I recently switched to Agenda and this is the only feature I am sorely missing from previous apps that I used. I could use another text editor at the same time, but that defeats the purpose of using agenda if not to keep all of my notes together.


This is driving me crazy - I need to cross reference notes and I have to switch back and forth right now

Please build multiple windows, it would really help make your product more user friendly and usable!


That’s not true, the most basic note products like Apple’s Notes and even just basic Text Edit has multiple windows functionalith, it’s an understatement to say this is basic hygiene

With web-based products you can just open multiple windows on your browser

Even Trello’s desktop product allows multiple windows!




I’d really love to have notes in their own window. Working with notes side-by-side is so common in a lot of daily used apps, it’s (for me) kind of unexpected not being able to do so in Agenda.
I can only imagine your underlying framework does not support this as a reason for omitting this essential feature.


I think you misinterpreted what I was saying. I was not saying notes apps don’t have multiple window options, I was saying most don’t have the navigational features we built into Studies, like a history etc.

If you need to cross reference, and don’t want to lose your note, you can use the cog button at the bottom of the note. It has a Link To… menu to choose any other note you like.

You can also use the history (arrows bottom-left). This allows you to track down another note, and then click back to where you were.

We have plans to address the multiple window issue in future. Note that Agenda is anything but a standard simple note taker, where multiple windows is trivial. Agenda already effectively has many of your notes open at the same time, in the timeline. That’s what makes it different, but also a challenge.


Drew - thank you for the clarification. Yes totally, Agenda is an interesting hybrid of different solutions which is exciting, also was not implying it’s just for notes :smiley:

Really looking forward to the multiple windows functionality - is this expected in the coming few months?


Can’t put a timeline on it. Sorry. But I can assure you it is in our priority list.

It probably won’t be a straight up multiple duplicate windows approach, but will allow simultaneous browsing, which is I think what you want.