Can I join the iOS Beta?



Is there also an iPad Beta for Agenda?

iOS Beta - How to install?
Agenda for iOS is here! Now available from the iOS App Store 🎉
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iOS Beta - How to install?
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iOS Beta - How to install?
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iPad development is still in an early pre-beta stage, I’m afraid. We will no doubt do beta testing closer to the launch. Our plan for now is a launch in the first half of 2018. I’m afraid I can’t be more specific at this point.


Update: We shipped Agenda for iOS app in May 2018, but we continue the Testflight program through which test beta versions of upcoming updates. If you’d like to help us test these, you can join the TestFlight program by leaving a post at the end of this topic, we’ll then add you in the next testing round.


The important thing is there is going to be an iPad version, right? There are lots of notes applications out there, some very good, even if they don’t approach notes exactly as Agenda does. The more they offer iOS and Mac versions and syncing the more valuable they are. We can be patient, as long as there is an iPad version in development. The notes game is very competitive, so best of luck.


Thanks Dan, and yes, there is going to be an iPad version…


That’s great news! What about an iPhone version? Before or after the iPad version? Or not at all?


I’d like to put in a strong vote for an iPhone version… personally, that’d be way ahead of iPad.


It’s too early to say at the moment whether one will come first or both at the same time, depends on how fast things come together and how distinct (architecturally) both apps will have to be in the end. What is clear that we want to ship both and iPhone and iPad app, irrespectively of the order they would arrive.


Great to hear they’re on the map. The clear, direct look of this app would look great on an iPhone.


That’s great to hear. Looking forward to them. (Especially iPhone :slight_smile: )


I also support developing mobile versions of the Agenda app, including for WatchOS (if possible). Thanks!


+1 for an iPad app!


+1 for the iPad app!


Congrats, great job with Agenda app.
For my workflow iPhone first, iPad after. Thanks.


Personally, I’d love to see a universal iOS app drop, covering both iPhone and iPad at the same time. I take notes on my phone as ideas come to mind, then I do more serious writing on the iPad or Mac.

Update: I tend to do a lot of management on macOS. So, if ideas happen on the iPhone and content creation happens on the iPad, sorting and managing all the content is always easier for me on macOS.


Ipad app is important to me long term. iPhone app would also be useful but is less urgent since I use the iPhone to scan and access my note app, but I use the iPad to do actual work.


As most of the apps are giving ios and mac versions for free if a user purchases premium features…shall we expect iphone version free if we purchase mac premium features?


The iOS version will work the same way as the Mac version, it will be free without time limits and have premium features. If you have the premium features already purchased on the Mac they will also be unlocked in the iOS app.


Anxiously anticipating the iOS launch of Agenda! Can I be on the beta testing team? I keep finding myself searching the App Store for the Agenda app!


I’ve added you to the list, we’ll let you know when we start the beta program.


+1 for iPad version.

Please add me to the list of TestFlight users.

I realise that there is an ever-growing list of features to add to the iOS version of Agenda. Please can we have:

  • camera (as well as image) support
  • geo-tagging of notes (optionally use image location?)
  • lower priority would be to search for notes based on the location they were created at, even search for notes written near me.

Best wishes & thanks