Agenda should show in iOS’ “share” feature

New to Agenda and growing more excited about it, in particular the way it integrates with the calendar. One disappointment is not seeing Agenda in iOS’s “Share” list; that box-and-arrow icon found in many apps that opens a list of other apps to share to.

I currently use an iOS/MacOS app called Notebook (Zoho). It allows access from many other apps via share. Here’s a screenshot sharing an article saved in Pocket to Notebook. It gives the option to save to a specific notebook. IMO, this would be the ideal way to share to Agenda.


We do have plans for an Agenda sharing extension indeed, see iOS Share extension plans?


Just upgraded this weekend, but I am amazed that this ‘share to agenda’ feature has been talked about for a 12 months but still not implemented? Surely this has to be one of THE most important feature requests…?

Have you prioritised other features simply because they are easier to code for?

What timeline do you have when this will start to appear in the beta app (which I’m pleased to be testing :grin:)

The reason is quite simple, it requires a lot of under the hood changes due to the way sharing extensions work and we originally built the app. The good news is that we’ve made the bulk of changes and are wrapping up the sharing extension UI work. Having said that, given these large changes we will first have to run a two-staged beta period, the first of which will only do the migration, the second adding the actual sharing extension. No ETA yet, but hopefully within the next few weeks these should show up in the betas.