Help us make Agenda more accessible!

Agenda has received many accolades for its features and design, but much to our regret that couldn’t be said for its accessibility. We couldn’t be more happy to say this will all change with the upcoming v11 update.

The iOS and iPadOS version are now fully accessible through VoiceOver and VoiceControl et al., and brings Agenda in a completely different league from before.

The macOS version is getting these improvements as well but this is still a work in progress and while improved already, will probably take another few smaller updates before it’s where we’d like it to be.

To help us test these changes and to make it perfect we need your help and feedback. You can sign up for beta testing here: Can I join the iOS Beta?

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


A picture tells a 1000 words, literally in the case of VoiceControl on iOS. Left version 10, right the upcoming version 11 update.


This is great to hear! Very glad you’re prioritizing this!

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