Accessibility improvements

As I explore more of Agenda, I find more problems, especially on the Mac.

  1. Further to my problem with interacting with notes: This seems to have to do with whether notes are expanded or collapsed, and if they change state at some point, e. g., by navigating from one note to the next or previous using arrow keys. I don’t know because I cannot see the screen, if those notes giving me trouble are expanded or collapsed at the time. Perhaps this needs someone familiar with Agenda to virtually look over my shoulder and see what I am doing.
  2. The Inspector on MacOS isn’t accessible at all yet. If I click it, there is only a button that I can use to turn it off again and get the rest of the UI back.
  3. Is it normal that the main window doesn’t have a title, and the Minimize, Zoom, and Close buttons? Other sub windows have them, but the main window does not. At least not for VoiceOver. the first control VoiceOver sees, now that I’ve unlocked Premium features, is the Community button.

And a separate question: Is it OK that I hijack the topic like this, or should this be moved to a separate thread, or because some things are so specialized, maybe to support e-mail instead?

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Hi Marco,

I’ve split off the topic into this separate thread where you can continue to append any issue you find.
I’ll be honest with you, we mainly focused on the accessibility features for iOS first and ran a bit out of time getting the macOS to same level. Part of the problem was that we didn’t have any beta testers focused on this area and it was hard to determine priorities (given sooo much stuff is possible) without some guidance from people who were actually using it. In that sense, great to have you on board :wink:

If you post the issues you find here and give them some indication of priority we’ll do our best to improve those. Also make sure to group them under iOS or macOS as the implementation is quite different for both.