Why you need the Agenda to get organized and become more productive

Agenda allows you to be in control of the many things going on in your life and stay on top of everything important to you. It helps you become better organized and more productive.

We always refer to Agenda as being date-focused, which sounds like something very serious, for people in a corporate or business environment, but this isn’t at all true. Yes, it works great for that, but we believe everyone can use Agenda.

In this video we explain why that is. What it means to be date-focused, the way achieves all of the above, and how it works.



This app is just beautiful. I started using it just for my notes for a couple classes, and now I’m realizing how useful it is for expanding to all sorts of other random aspects of my life. I especially like the feature where I can add the little button in-text that links to the relevant reminder. Thanks and keep up the good work!


Brilliant to hear that! :raised_hands:

I just wish there is a way where you can search and pull tagged lines in one place, WITHOUT having to bring along all their note. i.e., lines tagged with #MondayMeetingTopic can be pulled together without hte boxed notes.

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An overhaul of search is planned, and we would like to do what you describe, ie allow only the match to show, not the whole note.


Thanks… I’d like to join the beta program to test this feature. Very important!

If you want to join the beta, post a comment in this thread: Can I join the Agenda Beta program?