Issues on iOS 12 Public Beta

What I did: upgrade to iOS 12, notice that Agenda is no longer responsive

What happened: Tried interacting with things and scrolling but nothing happens. It does scroll, but only a few bits every 10 seconds or so

What I expected: it to work as normal

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iPhone 6S +. iOS 12 public beta. Latest version of Agenda.

At the risk of splintering the topic (sorry), a few other iOS 12 isms:

  • I’m unable to log in to the community in iOS12 (iPhone, in app and through Safari) - signing in brings me to the community in a still logged out state
  • Attempting to run a Workflow through the Share extension (plain text or markdown) provides a Workflow screen that I don’t have extensions (though it works fine in other apps):

I know this is off-topic, but I thought aggregating iOS12-related things might make sense.


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Makes a lot of sense to collate all issues indeed, and thanks both for reporting. @heyscottyj do you see the same stutter as @b11 is reporting?

We’ll make sure to resolve all issues before iOS12 comes out, and hopefully already before, can’t promise an ETA yet though. Also, as we saw already with the ruler issue on the 10.14 mojave beta, often some of these issues already get resolved in subsequent betas, please let us know if this is the case with any of the above.

I haven’t observed that stutter, in a magnificent way, no. As I look now, I see a slight “catch” at each note, but I don’t think that’s new? Maybe it’s a deliberate kind of “snap to note when scrolling”? It’s not a significant experience.

And yes, I totally understand the nature of the betas, and so my reporting was in the spirit of “hey here’s a thing I found”, and not with expectation of any kind of immediate fix.

Thanks for the reply!

Cheers, good to know. The small stutter on each note was there already, it’s the timing needing to layout the note, still something we’d like to improve upon.


I think thats also the problem (it’s the timing needing to layout the note) when clicking several times to fast/qick on the + to create new notes leading to a crash.

The fast tapping on the + button should be fixed in the current iOS release (and the next mac update).

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New issue:

In the right sidebar, changing the selected date at the top above calendar events does not affect the list of displayed events (only today’s events are shown).



Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look.

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Agenda crashes on both my iphoneX and iPad Pro with iOS 12.1 beta when I go to Agenda community.
The way to answer Agenda crash is to reinstall the app and avoid going to community from the app.
Sorry for my bad english

Did you submit the crash reports after this happened?

I submitted crash report to Apple

When I (re)install Agenda it works fine until I close it.
If I let it run in background there’s no problem.
If I stop him, it won’t start a second time and crashes (then I need to install another time).
Si I don’t end Agenda session anymore.
I hope it will be solved with next iOS 12.2.2 beta

Are you running the Mac beta by any chance? If so you’ll need the testflight version on iOS, which you can request to join in this topic

You’re the best !
Yes I use Mac Beta … I ask for an invitation on testflight right now.
Long life to Agenda team

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