Sneak peek: Remind Me Again Why I Love Agenda

Subtasks are in new Reminders app. But installed iPadOS on my iPad Pro, it asks you to upgrade Reminders database, which I had to skip for now (which is option) since I don’t have betas installed on all my devices.
I know Goodtask looks broken right now. Agenda seems to be working but new Reminders app may affect the Reminders feature with this whole upgrade database thing, and the button still shows after you skip upgrade to remind you to upgrade later.


I suppose the real question is whether the reminders API has changed - and it looks like EventKit has been changed, though it mostly looks like deprecations to me, but I’m not familiar with the interface.

Thanks for the warning. Are you a developer and is that how you were able to upgrade to iOS13? I usually wait for at least the 2nd or 3rd Public release before I jump in the pool.

Our tests suggest everything is intact, so full steam ahead.



Looking forward.


Super excited for this feature!


waiting for it to be pushed


When will the Reminders integration be in the TestFlight?

Providing it passes Apple’s review without the need for further changes, we hope on Tuesday or Wednesday.


That’s exciting news!

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And when the next iteration will be out for us? :wink:

We will begin beta testing in the coming few days. Probably still a week or two until we have a final release.


Update: We have sent the first beta out to the first set of testers. If you like to join the beta program you can leave a post here and we make sure to include you in the next iteration.


Could we move the agenda: link that is created into the URL field in Reminders rather then Notes.

That way it becomes clickable and shows as preview in reminders.


Aye will keep asking for this until a way is found! It’s possible manually, I’d be sad if iOS doesn’t expose a way to do it via the backend.

The inability to go from a reminder on iOS back to agenda is a real downer

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We are considering it. Thanks!


We had a bit of an investigation and unfortunately there’s no easy answer.

First, on iOS12 the reminders don’t have a URL field visible in the UI, so even if we insert an Agenda URL field there, it wouldn’t show on iOS12 (nor in macOS 10.14 where they currently do work). In the notes field (like we do now) it is visible, but unfortunately Apple doesn’t support clickable links on iOS12 in the notes field (unlike on Mac 10.14 where they do work).

On iOS13 Apple supports the URL field and has a fancy look for links with an icon (though in my testing on Mac clicking them doesn’t seem to open the link, not even for, probably broken in the current beta). Unfortunately it seems URLs in notes don’t work here either, and not even on Mac anymore, not sure if that’s broken too or no longer will work.

This leaves us some nasty choices, moving to the URL field means no agenda links on iOS12 and macOS14.5 Leaving them in the notes field means no clickable Agenda URLs possibly even on mac. Putting them in both could be a solution but is quite ugly of course. We’ll continue testing and then will decide what to do. Stay tuned.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but it’s definitely not an IOS12 only thing.

If you share the URL of an agenda note to reminders (using a siri shortcut) it will have the clickable icon (with an agenda:// link) that works in both iOS and MacOS. Sharing seems the only way, but I’d love if you guys could figure it out.

iOS 13 seems to actually change this behaviour from what I described above: it ends up looking like this which isn’t as nice, but is still clickable:

We did another check and you are right, the sharing extension does indeed provide a nice looking icon with the link to Agenda:

Unfortunately further investigation reveals that this is private API from Apple, we can see how they do it but are not allowed to use it in the App Store :frowning: We have filed a request to open this ability in a future OS release.