Linked Note and Calendar Item Created on macOS Not Appearing in iOS

What I did: Successfully created and linked a note and an event on the MacOS app. As a test, I checked all the calendar on the iOS side, and the event still did not appear on my calendar. However, the note synced with its MacOS counterpart. I checked the event on the iOS calendar and it is there. However, the recurring event does not show on Agenda iOS.

What happened: The NOTE appears in iOS, but NOT the event.

What I expected: Linked events and notes created on MacOS sync with iOS app

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda iOS version 5, iPhone 8 iOS 12.1.4

Recurring events can be particularly difficult to match up across platforms for technical reasons. I’ve been making major improvements in this area over the past weeks that should arrive in the next update. It would be great if you could help us test these changes by signing up as a beta tester.