Markdown sharing to shortcuts iOS 13

After upgrading to iOS 13 I attempted to use @heyscottyj’s meeting processor shortcut. But when I share notes as markdown Shortcuts throws up the error that the shortcut didn’t receive any input. If I share as other options (rich text for example) it shows input…is this something anyone else is experiencing? I tried a few test shortcuts and none receive any input when sharing as markdown.

Agenda version 7.0.1
iPhone Xs Max
iOS 13.0 (release version)

Shortcuts has changed pretty significantly for 13. I’ll see about sharing a polished update now that it’s been publicly released!



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Oh hm, that’s interesting - I don’t think this has to do with the Shortcut, actually. As @perry.rutherford described, nothing is passed when sharing Markdown (I used a different Shortcut which simply quick looks the input, and there is no content).

This must be something Agenda-side. Sorry!


Kinda what I was thinking. Thanks for confirming! Hopefully it is addressed quickly. I rely on your shortcut daily.

I’m so glad it helps!


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The same thing is happening to me and my conclusion is the same as yours. Finding that you are having the same issue and have the same conclusion has validated my sanity, I have got A workaround but it ends up me spending more time doing a shortcut than spending time to do the normal manual process.

Here’s hoping someone from Agenda will confirm and it will get fixed quickly!

Can someone point me to the shortcut we’re talking about?

Sure I’m specifically talking about this shortcut that @heyscottyj has shared previously in the forums. Several of us are experiencing the issue with any shortcut that has been shared markdown from agenda. for example I created a simple shortcut that accepts anything and just does a quick look action. When sharing markdown from Agenda it throws up a message saying nothing was shared as input. If I share from Agenda as rich text to the same shortcut quick look presents what was shared. Does this help?

Indeed - this Shortcut is designed as @perry.rutherford describes (a single Quick Look action on anything) and exhibits the same behaviour.

Thanks for looking in to this, @mekentosj!


Just checking in to make sure this is being looked into. Thanks @mekentosj !

It’s on my list but have to look into another few things first, apologies.

Ok, do you have any idea when markdown export will return to the app? Without it my use case for Agenda is fundamentally broken.

I hope to be able to look at it next week

A quick update: I’ve found the cause and it should be fixed in the v9 update (going into beta later this week). The problem was that we used a generic text type as content type instead of defining it as plain-text.

Great news! Thanks. Any chance of getting in on the beta?

Easiest is to leave a post here: Can I join the iOS Beta?