Hash tag format support

Really wish we can make the hash tag “#” support more format. For now, it doesn’t support space and “.” in it. Thanks!

Good news, we’re working on that as we speak and the next major update should allow you to add spaces etc. in tags.


Wooooo… wow, that’s really good news!

Can I make another suggestion then?

Can we allow pinning hashtags to the side bar, so that people can click on it and see all the notes with that hash tag? Or even better, allow saving search to the sidebar (in which case the hashtag will be a special use cases since we can search by hashtag). It’s like a virtual category, but allows notes to appear in more than 1 of them.

Flomo is a very good example of the design.

If we can have this feature, I PROMISE to buy Premium =D

You can do this already: Searching and Filtering

Curious whether there is an ETA for the next major update?


We aim to be in beta before the end of the month.


currently it is also not possible to use umlauts in hashtags or @people. Any possibility to include those?

We hope to have a solution as part of the coming update.


Is there a way to sign up for beta testing?

If you download Agenda for Mac from agenda.com you can enable the beta feed in the Agenda preferences. For the iOS and iPadOS betas you can register here: Can I join the iOS Beta?

Just to follow up, is it still on track to have the new beta by EOM? :smiley:

Hey @mekentosj , is there a more recent update for the new beta? Thanks!

Not yet, you should receive a notification when it becomes available and we’ll also post it in the community once we start the Agenda 14 betas.

Update: Agenda 14 now supports multi-word tags and people tokens, as well as punctuation and other characters inside tags, you can see it in action here