Slowness last few days

Is there any reason that Agenda could suddenly become really slow and clunky (spinning wheel of death).

I am have been using it fine for the past week or so and the last couple of day it’s just became slow and I can’t trust the editor anymore (I know there is an issue with undo).

Any pointers would help because I love the app but I want the editor to be as smooth as TextEdit and it isn’t for me right now.

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Do you perhaps have a lot of calendars, eg shared calendars from work colleagues? Or did you add a note with a long date range?

These are two things we know can slow things down. Fixes are coming.

A long note can slow down editing too. We plan work on this too. If you have very long notes, may be better to split them into multiple notes.

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Are you talking about the MacOS or the iOS? I noticed that only on the iOS.

I have a lot of calendars. I have long documents.

When you say date range do you mean something that I have been working on for a while? If so, then yes I have that too.

But I noticed there is no difference when I removed all the calendars. I have reduced my note sizes also but still running slow.

Also even writing here in the comments has been very slow (for the first paragraph, then it went back to normal).

Thanks for looking at these issues. I had to shifted to a different workflow, for now, but I want to keep using the app because it’s a great concept. And I hope to be back, after the update.

Also, please please add a plain text format (which actually allows spell checking etc reformatted doesn’t at the moment)

Thanks Drew

No on the Mac.

I have had some crashing on the iPhone in the past.

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Spell checking should work. You need to put the cursor in your note, and then go to Edit > Spelling and choose the options you want.

When I say date range, I mean that you click the calendar control top-right on a note, and choose a range of dates for the note. This is unrelated to how long you change the note. (But it sounds like you probably didn’t do that if you don’t know what I mean.)

A long note can become slow to edit. We have changes coming to improve this. For now, you may be better splitting into smaller notes. You should find editing in smaller notes is much faster.

Note that the agenda community is completely unrelated to the Agenda app. It is just a web page. If you are finding that it is also slow to edit, that would point more to a problem on your Mac, rather than a problem in Agenda per se. Perhaps you can open up the app Activity Monitor, and see what is using all the CPU time. Maybe some background process like Time Machine.

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I have this problem too. On Mac, and iOS. It’s rendered Agenda all but unusable. Currently writing in TextEdit and copy/pasting to Agenda with my fingers crossed there will be a solution soon

Is this in all notes or only in longer ones?

I don’t have any particularly long notes. The one I’m currently editing is only 16 lines long, and it’s struggling.

It is definitely worse on notes that are synced over a larger range of dates.

This suggests it’s caused by the number of calendars or calendar events you have, it’s a bottleneck we’re working on and hope to resolve in an upcoming series of updates focused on performance. If you have the premium features bought one workaround is to reduce the number of active calendars. Alternatively is to not assign large date ranges (> a few weeks) for the moment.

Confirmed. It is much better with all calendars disabled, although it does render Agenda somewhat unfit for purpose.

I’ll enable/disable calendars as needed (I do need them all) for the moment. Any idea as to timescale for the bottleneck fix?

Thanks I will check that out

Performance tuning is our focus as we speak, over the next few weeks we’ll continue to ship improvements in various areas, including calendar support. These will first go through the beta testing process.

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Great. Can I sign up to be a beta tester?

If you want to get a notification, post a comment in this thread: Can I join the iOS Beta?

Based on the comments here and questions asked to detect the issue maybe a future version should provide the option to submit a crash log to Agenda so you guys can see the actual environment and use case when the crash occurred? Just a thought.

The app already does that. A crash should bring up a submission form the next time you launch.

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Well, I guess now we all know who hasn’t had the app crash on them yet :grin:


I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. All seems well now!

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