Sharing, Import, Export, and Printing

Sharing from Other Apps

Agenda includes a powerful sharing extension that allows you to send snippets of text and files to Agenda. You can insert the content in any of your Agenda notes, and even make other edits, all without opening the Agenda app.

Using the Sharing Extension on macOS

When you are working in an app like Safari or Mail, it is not uncommon to want to save a file, link or piece of text in Agenda. You could copy the information, open Agenda, locate the destination note, and paste, but there are many steps involved in that, and it can interrupt your workflow. It is often much easier to use the sharing extension.

Most apps on macOS offer a sharing menu or button. (Sharing buttons usually have a box-shaped icon with an arrow pointing upwards.) If you select the content you want to share with Agenda, and use the menu or button, you can bring up the Agenda sharing sheet.

There is an extra step required the very first time you do this. Usually, when you open the sharing menu or press the button, you see a list of apps that can accept the shared content. Agenda will probably not be there to begin with. You need to click on the More… entry, in order to add Agenda as an option. After that, it will appear each time you open the menu.

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Another way to enable Agenda in your sharing menu is to go to System Preferences, and into Extensions. There you can enable the Share Menu for Agenda.

Using the Sharing Extension on iOS/iPadOS

On iOS, sharing a piece of content brings up a sheet where you can choose your action. There are a list of apps at the top.

The first time you do this, Agenda will probably not be there. To add Agenda, scroll the list of apps horizontally to the end, and tap the More button. Add Agenda to your favorites, and it will appear in the main share sheet after that.

Now, whenever you share content with Agenda, you will be presented with an Agenda editor. You can choose any note in your Agenda library at the top. You can put the cursor where you wish, and tap Insert to add the shared content.

Import and Export

You need to be able to move notes into Agenda from other apps, and receive notes from other people who have Agenda. Agenda allows importing of duplicate copies of notes and projects, and can also handle standard formats like text and markdown.

Agenda Notes

If you need to import notes from another Agenda user, the best approach is to use the Agenda File format. Select the note or project you want to export, and choose File > Export > Agenda File.

To import, just double click the Agenda file in Finder, or choose File > Import > Agenda File, and locate the file.

Agenda Files contain all of the information that Agenda uses, and are thus the most complete representation of your notes. They are the best way to send a duplicate note or project to someone else, or to archive notes and projects.

Apple Notes

If you have been using Apple Notes prior to Agenda, you probably have a lot of information in that app. You can import it into Agenda using the menu item File > Import > Apple Notes. This imports all of the Apple Notes data made available to Agenda, and creates a separate category of projects. You will probably want to go through those and drag notes to other projects in Agenda.

At the time of writing, Agenda doesn’t support attachments or inline images, so these are not brought into Agenda from Apple Notes.


PDF is one of the most widely used document formats around, and PDF export is supported in Agenda. It allows you to share beautifully formatted documents with others, regardless of what computing platform they are using (e.g. Windows, Android).

To export a note or project in PDF format, select it, and choose File > Export > PDF File.

Exported files will include an Agenda watermark until the Premium Feature Pack has been purchased.

Rich Text

The rich text format (RTF) was introduced by Microsoft, and is well supported on Windows and macOS. It includes text, with styling information including fonts. One advantage of RTF over PDF is that the result is readily editable.

To export a note or project in RTF format, select it, and choose File > Export > Rich Text File.

Exported files will include an Agenda watermark until the Premium Feature Pack has been purchased.


Markdown is a popular text-based format used a lot by blogging software and other web sites. Agenda can import and export in this format, making it useful for preparing blog posts and other content destined for online use.

To export a note or project in markdown format, just select it, and choose File > Export > Markdown.

Importing markdown is just as easy: select the project that you wish to import into, and use the menu item File > Import > Markdown.

Markdown import and export requires you to purchase the Premium Feature Pack.


HTML is the format used on the web. Agenda can export notes and projects as HTML, for use on web sites and in other apps that can handle HTML.

To export as HTML, select the note or project you wish to export, and choose File > Export > HTML.

HTML export requires you to purchase the Premium Feature Pack.

Copy and Paste

Sometimes it is simpler to copy data to the clipboard, in order to transfer it to another note in Agenda, or even into another app.

Agenda supports copying of data between notes in the app, but also copying of text for use in other apps. You can even copy a link to the selected note or project for inclusion in another app, and have Agenda open to that note or project when you click the link.

To copy text, select the text, and choose Edit > Copy. To copy a whole note, click the top of a note to select it, and choose Edit > Copy.

If you want want to copy a particular format of data, such as markdown, choose Edit > Copy As, and select the format you would like.

Some options in Copy As require you to purchase the Premium Feature Pack.

Sharing Your Agenda Notes

Sharing allows you to send your notes and projects straight to another app or online service, without having to export a file first. Agenda supports standard sharing extensions, which means it will adapt to what is available on your Mac.

Sharing with Other Apps

To share a note or project with another app, select it, and choose an option from the Share menu. The contents of the menu will vary based on the apps you have installed, and what each app is capable of importing. When you select an app, you can see what formats you are able to send.

When you make a selection, you will usually get shown a form by the system, which should be updated before sending the data.

Sharing Agenda Links

One very powerful way to use Agenda with other apps is to share links. This allows you to jump from one app to the other as needed, opening exactly what you need.

Many apps accept Agenda Links via the Share menu. Just select the app, and choose Agenda Link (if available). Even if an app cannot accept an Agenda Link, you might be able to use Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link to transfer the link into the other app.


Printing of documents has been somewhat superseded by sharing of digital documents, but Agenda does support printing to paper, as well as PDF. Just choose File > Print to generate a beautifully formatted copy of the currently selected project or note.

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Is it possible to get my data out of Agenda? Like in a text markdown format?

Yes, we have options to export your data in the agenda file format (which really is just a zip file containing a JSON file). We also have HTML and Markdown export a premium feature available.

Is there any plans to support import via the Share Sheet on iOS?


Let’s not forget about macOS, since share extensions are useful there too.


Thank you for this wonderfully promising application! I just noticed that we can export notes from Agenda into OmniOutliner or Outlinely in text mode. Each paragraph becomes an outline header. Interestingly, all indented paragraph become subheader we can collapse under their respective headers. So, we still can convert linear texts from Agenda into bonafide outlines practically on the fly, which is very interesting, to say the least.


A share sheet would be great for Agenda (on macOS and iOS)

So far the seem to be highlighting connecting Agenda info to other apps via links (which is useful!), but more ways to get info into Agenda would also be useful. A “send to Agenda” share sheet fits the bill.


Yes, share extensions are definitely in our roadmap.



Any way to transfer notes from standard iOS notes app to Agenda?

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I successfully used the Mac version File Menu —> Import —> Apple Notes.

All my Apple Notes were imported.

However, I still have the same question regarding iOS. My imported notes are still not showing on my iPad Pro, although the Category I created does show.

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Indeed that’s the way to import your notes from Apple Notes (this only works on the Mac).

Do any notes sync? Do these tips help? Syncing between desktop and iOS

I am still unclear about exporting a project. I can see the gear icon under an individual note to share but I don’t know where to do that to export an entire project. Please help.

Hi there, I’m trying to import my notes in Apple REMINDER (not Apple Notes) to Agenda.

Is there a way to do it? If not, is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance.


it would be suuuuuper useful if we can add images and videos on agenda. thats like only thing that is missing to be perfect

Your instructions for importing refers to using the File menu, Which I infer that it means using a Mac. I do not have a Mac, but use an iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC. Is there a way to import using an iPhone or iPad?

I have many notes in the iOS app called Drafts. It can export into a CSV or JSON file. Is there a way I can import all my notes into Agenda?

You can export an entire project by clicking the three dots next to a selected project in the sidebar, followed by tapping Share

There’s no such way yet.

This is our next top priority with the iOS app out of the way, see The features we are working on right now…

If you ask your device to open one of the supported file types in Agenda it will import the notes (at the moment, Rich Text, Mark down, and the Agenda file format are supported)

I have many notes in the iOS app called Drafts. It can export into a CSV or JSON file. Is there a way I can import all my notes into Agenda?

Not easily no I’m afraid.

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