Links do not work

Hi All - I’m a new Agenda user and loving it so far. One question - when I export/share as a PDF, (I have to send in a .pdf of my day view notes for work) my links continue to look like links but aren’t active. Is this normal?

Links are working with PDF and RTF files when you export and share a note. I can confirm that.

Is that on iOS or on macOS? We use different exports for each.

This is on iOS. It seems to work fine on macOS but I’m not on a mac when I need to execute this, just an iPad or iPhone.

If it helps with any context (or if the bright minds of the community have any workarounds…) I’m an elementary school teacher and have found Agenda to be an AWESOME way for me to lesson plan. It’s such a fantastic tool. The issue that I run into is that I’ll have a few links in my plan that will lead to worksheets or study guides or someting for the students that needs to be printed when I get to school. My school network is really tightly locked down and I can only print from the school issued computer which is a pc. So I have thought to export my Today notes as a pdf into my Google Drive so I can just open it up in my school computer first thing when I arrive in the morning and send today’s items to the printer.

The one (rather cumbersome) workaround I have figured out is to export to markdown to Bear (which I am trying to move away from) and then have Bear export as a pdf and upload that to Google Drive. So many steps but it works…

If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears! Just an overworked teacher trying to make the backend of teaching as effecient as possible. @craigmcclellan has been a great source of inspiration.

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I will see what I can find out about why those links don’t work. I would have thought they would.

Perhaps another workaround is exporting as RTF (rich text). If you open that in Pages or Word or something, you could probably generate a PDF there. Still a painful hassle though.


Thanks @drewmccormack ! Let me know whatever you find out.

Hi. Started evaluating Agenda yesterday and ran into this same problem with iOS. Any progress since April?

I’m afraid we haven’t got to it yet. Been very busy supporting the new iOS 13 and macOS 15 releases. Sorry for the delay.