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Would proper create/update/retrieve/delete support for URL schemes be easier? It’d deal with a number of use cases.

One doesn’t exclude the other I’d say.

No, it doesn’t, but it just occurs to me that if you’ve got the basic URL scheme handing stuff in place and you have (obviously) all the DB manipulation stuff in place then it would be relatively easy to allow full access to Agenda notes through the URL scheme so that in the shorter term we’d be able to roll up Shortcuts or Alfred (or whatever) workflows to integrate things. You’ll need it anyway to allow integration with all the apps you can’t possibly support directly and are getting requests for.

Yes, definitely, expanding the url scheme options is probably indeed something to expect quicker, we’ll see what can be done.


I am wondering how to export several individual notes that are currently in a single Project in Agenda. I would like each note to remain individual upon export, so that I can import them into another application (for archiving and future reference), but so far all of my attempts to export are resulting in a single file that contains all the notes one after the other.

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I believe you would need to export each note separately. Each export produces a separate file.

Oh I hope that’s not the case. If it is the case, it’s going to make it rather onerous to archive projects (and their multiple notes) in another application like Devonthink or Keep It once those projects are complete.

You can export the whole project as a single file, but it is not designed to export each note separately.

Thank you for confirming this @drewmccormack. I can see how this would suit some scenarios. I’ll see if/how I can work with this.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but is it possible to import rich text files into Agenda?

If you want to keep the rich text, you have to add them as attachments. You can’t import the rich text so that it becomes rich text in agenda. Agenda does not support general rich text. It has a limited set of styles, like markdown and HTML have (eg Heading, Body text, List etc).

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Ah, yes, I’ve figured out the attachment trick, which looks good to me. Thanks for the reply.

Hello, I can’t seem to find the optioon to Export > HTML. I have bought the Premium Features.

Is this on Mac or iOS? On mac you find it under Edit > Copy As > HTML, on iOS you find it under the 3 dots for the selected item in the sidebar, again under Copy As.

Thanks, I see it now!

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How can I export only some selected notes from a project?

On the Mac, hold down CMD and click on the notes to select them. Then choose File > Export.

Problem: Enable the sharing extension on Mac OS
When i click “More” the Agenda extension does not appear.
Mac OS Sierra V10.12.6

Unfortunately the minimum supported macOS version for the Agenda sharing extension is macOS 10.13 or higher. This is because Apple introduced a modernised architecture for sharing extensions in 10.13 that isn’t available in 10.12.

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