Markdown and links

IOS app. As I understood imported markdown should be shown not as link, but as normal text with formatting. Correct?

Can you elaborate on which steps you take exactly and from what app? Perhaps you can send us some screenshots of what you have tried precisely?

I’m importing an *.md file from iOS “Files” app. It inserts as a link. I do not claim that this is a bug. I just want to know if this behavior is normal

Thanks for the follow up, we’ll try to replicate to see if it can be improved. What way to you import it? By sharing the file to Agenda?

Yep, exactly, just sharing as usual with Share button.

OK, thanks, we’ll have a look!

Update: We made some changes in the next Agenda (13.1) update, let us know once it’s out whether it now imports the markdown file instead of sharing it as a link.