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Perhaps I’m missing something, but is it possible to import rich text files into Agenda?

If you want to keep the rich text, you have to add them as attachments. You can’t import the rich text so that it becomes rich text in agenda. Agenda does not support general rich text. It has a limited set of styles, like markdown and HTML have (eg Heading, Body text, List etc).

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Ah, yes, I’ve figured out the attachment trick, which looks good to me. Thanks for the reply.

Hello, I can’t seem to find the optioon to Export > HTML. I have bought the Premium Features.

Is this on Mac or iOS? On mac you find it under Edit > Copy As > HTML, on iOS you find it under the 3 dots for the selected item in the sidebar, again under Copy As.

Thanks, I see it now!

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How can I export only some selected notes from a project?

On the Mac, hold down CMD and click on the notes to select them. Then choose File > Export.

Problem: Enable the sharing extension on Mac OS
When i click “More” the Agenda extension does not appear.
Mac OS Sierra V10.12.6

Unfortunately the minimum supported macOS version for the Agenda sharing extension is macOS 10.13 or higher. This is because Apple introduced a modernised architecture for sharing extensions in 10.13 that isn’t available in 10.12.

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I really like Agenda. But I simply fail to see how exporting a lot of notes to a SINGLE Markdown file is particularly useful compared to exporting to a bunch of separate notes?

It’s almost a dealbreaker for me (though of course I’ll stick with Agenda, hoping my renewal of the yearly subscription will go towards developing better export :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

We hear you, we hope to bring so more options in this area in a future update. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hello, I have an issue when trying to export my handwritten notes from Apple Notes to Agenda via Share Sheet extension. I just can’t see Agenda on iOS nor iPadOS on the app list to choose from. When I do it on my Mac, no issue, I can click share sheet button, I can choose Agenda, select the project, select the note and image version of my Apple Note will be added to Agenda. Why is it not working on iPhone/iPad? Am I doing something wrong? It so convenient to use Apple Notes by tapping the screen with Apple Pencil when in hurry and add it later to Agenda with additional comments. Can you please advise?

Aren’t you seeing Agenda in the share sheet for any app, or is it only missing in the notes app? Are you sure you enabled the sharing extension as shown here?

It is missing only in Apple Notes when I try to share handwritten notes. Agenda is not available on share sheet screen.

If I’d like to share a text note from Apple Notes to Agenda, no issue. I have Agenda on the share sheet screen.

If I choose handwritten note, no Agenda on share sheet screen and not available to add it via „three dots button”.

Is it possible, to share notes with a friend or a family member (same option like in Apple notes)? Like forever. So everyone is able to write something in this note. 2021-08-25T22:00:00Z

Not yet, but you won’t have to wait long…


Thanks for the tips, especially how to import (Share from Files) an exported.agenda file into Agenda on iPadOS. I use the exported.agenda file as a template for projects that have several notes. However, I noticed that from the iPadOS Share Sheet I can only share with top level projects. I cannot share with subcategories. I can manually move the import afterward, but it would be nicer to be able to Share with a project in a Subcategory.

Thanks for reporting that, we’ll have a look at why you wouldn’t be able to select a subcategory.