Syncing between desktop and iOS



What I did: Downloaded Agenda for iOS for my iPhone 6 plus.

What happened: App does not sync with my desktop. I logged out of iCloud and then back in on my iPhone, but no dice. There is no sync command in the iOS version.

What I expected: Based on what I read the sync is supposed to happen automatically.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 2.2.1 for Mac desktop. iPhone 6 plus running iOS 11.3.1

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One thing for people to check on the Mac is that if you go into the System Preferences, and into iCloud, that you see iCloud Drive there. Some Macs might not have been updated to iCloud Drive from the older iCloud.

Assuming it is there, make sure iCloud Drive is turned on. Also, go into the management area of iCloud Drive, and make sure that Agenda is allowed to use it. Ie Click on “Options…” and make sure Agenda has a checkmark.

iCloud Drive settings on macOS

iCloud Drive setting on iOS

If all that doesn’t work, try signing out of iCloud on the Mac, and signing in again with the same user name.

Let us know if that helps.


Thanks so much! That worked.



Ugh. Our braindead corporate policy disables iCloud Drive on all Macs. Can the sync be done over any other service? Very sad that the iOS Agenda app is not usable to me.


That’s nasty indeed, unfortunately we don’t offer anything at the moment. Providing reliable additional sync services isn’t a trivial thing to do alas, see also Other sync solution than iCloud needed


Ticking iCloud Drive fixed it for me too thanks! Can’t believe I missed that one…


Last evening I noticed that one of my notes wasn’t updated on my phone when I had made a change on my Mac. I discovered that it fixed itself when I rotated the phone to landscape and back to portrait mode. Then the change was in place.



The iCloud fix didn’t work for me, unfortunately. I first downloaded the app on iOS on my iPad Pro where I built out a number of notes and projects. I then added the app to both my Mac and iPhone. The latter two won’t sync and have very old notes still on them. I’ve tried the tips listed above, deleting the app and reinstalling, restarting each device but still no go.



I hope you’ll find another solution - like all the other iCloud compatible apps I have - to not require the lengthy and interrupting process of turning off iCloud Drive (I have 180 GB of files in iCloud). Please advise me when your company has a better solution.

Really do like the idea of replacing Notes with Agenda.


OK. Found the time to turn off iCloud Drive on my Mac. Turned it on later. Still no sync. Also now evidence of Agenda notes in iCloud:

Furthermore, although I see My Mac Agenda Notes listed just under Search All on the iOS version left side panel, no content available to my iPad.


Agenda does not store any readable data in iCloud Drive. It uses a different part of iCloud Drive that is hidden.

I recommend going into the Settings app on the problem device, and signing out of iCloud. Then sign back into iCloud with the same account. This seems to fix any issues when they arise.


Hi Drew,

Signed out of iCloud on iPad Pro (iOS 11.4). Then signed back into iCloud.

No change - except I think (?) that Agenda was previously listed in the iCloud apps list but is not there now.

Any other procedures that might resolve this?


Can you try signing out of iCloud on each device, and signing back in again with the same account.



Did as requested. No change.


iPad Pro:


Is that category actually empty, or is it just collapsed? To expand a collapsed category, mouse over it to see the “Show” button.



Empty and greyed out.

Have requested refund.

Thanks anyway for your help.


One question, if on the Mac you make a change or add a new note to the Notes project that is under Guide on the Side Notes, does it now come across? And what about after you make a change in testing 2? We have in rare situations seen this get it “unstuck”.


Found this thread while trying to figure out why my notes/projects/categories weren’t syncing between macos and ios.

Found that icloud drive was disabled on my macbook pro. Enabled it, then a minute or so after saw my categories synced to ios, but not projects or notes.

Went to one of my projects on macbook pro, and added a note to the project. that seemed to push the project to ios, but the rest of my projects are still unsynced.

So it seems like projects don’t get synced until there is some new activity in them, after icloud drive is enabled on macos. hope this is helpful in debugging, love the app!


You might find that the other projects appear if you use the home button and then launch the app again. (Shouldn’t generally be necessary though.)

Also, make sure the projects are really missing, and not just that the categories are currently collapsed. You may need to expand the categories.



Is it still not possible to sync between Mac and iOS devices that use different iCloud login details? I’m in the same situation, using Agenda on a work Mac signed into iCloud with my work email but want to sync on my personal iPad. Is this possible?

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