Stay in Sync



Agenda supports sync between devices using iCloud. In order to sync, it is important to sign in to iCloud with the same account on each device, in the Settings or System Preferences, and also make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on for each device.

Enabling Sync

Sync in Agenda should be enabled by default. If it has been disabled, simply go to the Preferences in the app and check the option Sync notes between devices with iCloud.

Disabling Sync

To disable iCloud sync, go to the Preferences in Agenda, and uncheck Sync notes between devices with iCloud. You will be asked if you want to remove the data from iCloud. If you don’t have any other devices you want to keep syncing, you can remove the cloud data. If you want some other devices to keep syncing via iCloud, don’t remove the data.

Clearing Data from iCloud

To clear data from iCloud, simply disable the sync in the Agenda Preferences, and you will be asked if you want to remove the data from the cloud.

If you want to permanently remove the data, make sure other devices also have the sync turned off.

I 've bought software, but I can't synchronize content between my Mac and my phone
Awesome cross-device syncing!

Agenda for iOS

Download Agenda for iOS app for free from the iOS App Store and sync your notes across all your devices, Mac, iPhone and iPad alike. All you need to do is to make sure you’re logged in to the same iCloud account on all your devices.

Like Agenda for macOS, the iOS app has no time limits. You can use it forever at no cost. Just as on the Mac, there are some premium features, which can be unlocked using an In-App Purchase.

When you purchase a premium features pack, you unlock all current features, and any features we add in the 12 months following. Features get permanently unlocked, so those features are yours forever.

Can I sync now? Any iOS version?

Good to hear! That’s definitely a high priority for most of those interested in an app like this, because we’re all using iOS devices alongside our Macs. But it’s a great start!


That is awesome! That was the first thing I was searching for on the community postings to find out if there was an app forthcoming, or already available, for Agenda. I am looking forward to beta testing on this platform as well due to the amount of trade off I personally do between my various Macs and iPads.

Question, is the plan that you would need to purchase a premium version of the iOS product as well?



No need, the plan is to do the same as the Mac app, also the iOS app will be free, and can be used forever without limits. A single purchase will unlock all premium features of both the Mac and iOS app and give you 12 months of any new premium features we develop for either app.


+1 for me too.

Is there a product roadmap we can see? I’m curious to see when I can expect to start using my iPhone alongside the desktop app.


We don’t have an official roadmap published yet, the plan is to gather your feedback over the next two weeks and then prioritise things based on that.

Ps. thanks for buying the premium features, we very much appreciate your support!


Happy to support the product in its early stages – cool concept.

Looking forward to future iterations of Agenda.


Anything we need to do to enable syncing between Macs if we have iCloud drive turned on?



I recently purchased the premium offer. I have purchased Studies app before, so I trust you guys with this new app. And, this is one of the app I have been long searching for. It would really better if there’s an iOS app. I hope that we could get it earlier. Thanks!! More power to all of you.


In principle no, just ensure the checkbox to sync via iCloud is checked in the Preferences.


Thanks @kaaeronpaul, the iOS app development has begun, and has our highest priority. Planned for first half of 2018.



You’re welcome. And excited for more features with the app. I am now, bit by bit migrating from bear apps. Cause Agenda meets best the criteria I have been long searching for. Thanks again.


Does the app sync across multiple Mac OS devices?


It does indeed if you enable iCloud sync in the preferences.


I have iCloud enabled but the app is not syncing across devices.


Are you logged in with the same iCloud account on both Macs?


Do you have to be logged on in Agenda with your iCloud uid?


If you want to sync, you have to be logging into iCloud in System Preferences, with the same iCloud account on each Mac. (You do not need to use that iCloud email for Agenda login. That is a different system.)



Looking forward to the iOS version. Thanks for a great app.