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Glad to heard that a single purchase will unlock all premium features of both the Mac and iOS app.


I am interested in the security of the app. If I use this to keep confidential information for a project I am working on is there a way to encrypt the project so that it is not on iCloud in an unencrypted resting state? I do not want Apple to be able to look at my notes.

Thanks, love the app! Great idea and I look forward to upcoming features.


Not yet. We will try to add encryption down the track. For now, you would need to turn off the sync.


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I have two macs that have two different iCloud accounts (one work, one personal), but I would like to share notes between. Is there anyway I can manually do this through dropbox or something? I’m not seeing any files going into the iCloud drive, so I’m assuming there has to be another device requesting the backups for the files to actually go to iCloud. I was hoping to just piggyback off of the syncing into iCloud and write a job that copies the files when they change into DropBox.

Love your product so far, exited to see new development, and the iOS app!


There is no way to do this at this point. We are using CloudKit, which is a cloud database, rather than a file store.

Your request for another option has been noted. Thanks!


Love the product so far….

+1 for an android version after iOS is out. Would love to use the app on a wider scale, but not having it on my mobile is extremely limiting. thanks!


Waiting for at least some beta version on IOS, I would like to start use it as soon as possible.
It’s the only thing that stopping me to use only Agenda on all devices for now.
Is there any updates when we can see IOS version? :slight_smile:


Hard at work, no updated ETA beyond the earlier promise of the first half of 2018


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Really hope to see it SOON!!!


I know this is a stretch, but is there any chance this iOS app will work in any way with iOS 9? With all the performance issues that came with iOS 10 and 11, some of us stopped updating. Some apps still offer versions that work, but many new ones are built on libraries that only work with iOS 11 (seems some of the libraries built make iOS 9 compatability much more rare now).

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, this is a make or break feature for me.


Sorry, that won’t be possible. There are technologies in newer OSes that we need, and supporting iOS 9 for one or two percent of customers would be a lot of work, and hold back development for the rest. It would mean delaying the launch, and we don’t want to do that.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but it is the harsh reality in app development. With iOS 12 just around the corner too, iOS 9 is too much of a stretch.

Personally, my advice is to try to keep up with OS releases. I am not sure what the performance issues you are referencing are, but even if there are small performance hits, you are probably still better off with the latest OS, simply because it is not realistic for developers to keep targeting old OSes. In the long run, you start to make your own life more difficult, because many things just don’t work anymore.


High time for the ios app. Unable to get time to update on Mac. As I generally relax with my ipad enough to take notes.


Sync with what? Doesn’t each device need an application to sync with in order for this to be a feature, or am I missing something?


At the moment, you can only sync Agenda apps between multiple macs. With the iOS app, you will be able to sync Agenda between Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


Is it possible to confirm that data is correctly being synced? I managed to “turn on” iCloud at work, so I believe syncing should start. However in the iCloud drive web interface I see “Your iCloud Drive is empty” and I have 0/5 gb used.



Hi Jim,

If under the System Preferences > iCloud you click on Manage next to the storage bar, it should tell you how much space Agenda is taking up, which should tell you that it’s syncing:


Excellent ! That worked. Thank you


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