Trouble moving to new Mac

Got a new computer (sold the old one) so I made sure my Agenda was set to “Enabling Sync”, wiped/sold the old one, bought the new one, installed Agenda, logged in, and am a bit surprised that none of my notes were saved/synced.

At this point, I’m assuming they are lost, but is there any way they can be retrieved?

I did this recently and had no problem whatsoever. My computer had a crash and the motherboard and HDD were erased, Since the data was in the cloud all I did was download the App again and signed in under preferences. Everything was there perfectly!

Huh. Well that’s great it worked for you! Curious if anyone knows what I might be doing incorrectly? Not sure I will get my notes back, but I want to ensure they’re correctly synced in the future.

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I’m wondering if sync just makes sure you can exchange your data with other devices? I believe that the actual data is stored externally but I could be wrong, I know that some people want to save their notes to Dropbox but I’d prefer not doing that.

Really sorry to hear that, that’s nasty :frowning:

When you enable sync it should have stored your Agenda data in your iCloud account. Are you sure you logged into the same iCloud account on your new Mac?

After logging into iCloud, do you see Agenda in the list if you go to System Preferences > iCloud and click on the Manage button?

I’m very sorry to hear this too.

As Alex suggested, please make sure you are logged into iCloud with the same account. If there is data there, but not appearing, you could sign out of iCloud, and sign back in with the same account. Sometimes that helps.

Did you make a backup of your old computer? Eg. with time machine? Usually people have a copy of the data so they can transfer to a new computer. If you do have your old data, Agenda’s data should be in that too. We can help you find it.

Sync was designed for transferring data between two different computers. Although you can use it as a kind of backup, it wasn’t really built with that in mind.

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