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Is there any way to sync Agenda with iOS notes? Or I need to manually upload em?


Hi, Notes dont sync between ios and Mac. The sync is enabled and default notes between mac and ios sync within seconds. :frowning:


Unfortunately Apple doesn’t make this possible on iOS at the moment. The only way is to import them in Agenda for Mac. Note that that still would be one direction, also on Mac they would not be kept in sync.


Have a look at this topic to see if any of the solutions presented there help, if not please let us know by posting there: Syncing between desktop and iOS


If I don’t want to sync to iCloud and store my Agenda data locally, where is that data stored? I would still want to backup my data manually by copying the Agenda “files” to a cloud provider of my choice. Thank you.


It’s in ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos/Data/Document/Agenda


Perfect, thank you. I assume that if I back the “Agenda” folder in the path specified and need to restore, I can reinstall Agenda, and then replace the installed “Agenda” folder with my restored copy?


Yes, that is correct.


I worked on my iPad on the plane, then opened the laptop in the hotel. Then I opened the iPad, and within a few seconds, all of the updates live-populated in the app on the laptop. Perfect!!


Glad it is working as designed!

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I’m trying to sync but with no luck. Installed on Macbook + iOS, logged in, check “Sync” is on in settings.

Out of options here unfortunately.

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Make sure you are signed in to iCloud with the same account on each device, and that iCloud Drive is turned on. (iCloud Drive is very important, and many people forget this.)

If that doesn’t help, here are some other things to check: Syncing between desktop and iOS

Lastly, some companies block iCloud, so you might need to check if that is the reason sync is not working for you.


impossible to sync my devices with the same iCloud … i don’t understand… someone can help me ???


See the above comment, best to comment in the mentioned post if those solutions don’t work.



given how awesome Agenda is, I would love to use it for work purposes. However, my corporate data security policy demands that we only use company-approved OneDrive accounts to sync data.

Any guidance from you on when (and if…) Agenda will give an option to sync through other clouds apart for iCloud?


See this topic:

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Hi. Is there an option to selectively sync agenda projects via iCloud? I would like to have some projects to be synced … others not. Would be really great if that is possible.


Alas, selective sync isn’t possible at the moment, nor something we are considering adding at this point, sorry.