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I also use an appleID account for work (Assigned to me via employer) and a personal appleID - id rather not cross the streams, so wondering if there is any other way…like do I have to use Dropbox or could it be pointed to a GoogleDrive folder perhaps??

frankly, i thought my agenda account would handle the syncing for me…

If we had to host all the data on our own servers, I’m afraid our licenses would get quite a bit more expensive, which is why — at least for now — we are using iCloud and Dropbox.

Dropbox is currently one way to setup a sync with non-standard account details. You can even make a new dropbox account, independent of your normal one.

We may add other options in future, but even getting Dropbox to work has been quite difficult, so we will probably turn to other things first.

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This is one of the things that attracted me to Agenda. I already have Dropbox and iCloud accounts, so there’s no added or ongoing expense. I also don’t have to worry that if one day Agenda goes belly up, that this system will stop working. Hopefully this is a business decision that contributes to Agenda prospering for a really long time :slight_smile:

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Is anyone having problems with iCloud sync. I have 3 devices, all have been setup according to instructions (all using same appleid, all logged into iCloud, all have iCloud Drive setup…). I had no problem in the past but all of a sudden the devices won’t sync. I can’t put a finger on when but I have a new phone. Anyone have any clues or remedies?

I think, if you have a Beta version installed on one of your devices, but not on all, you get a sync problem.

Yes, did you install the beta version on any of the devices? Do you see a warning from Agenda that other devices have a newer version?

Do iCloud and Dropbox (I’m using Dropbox) sync projects and categories and subcategories? I finally got my MacBook and iPhone to sync, but only the projects. The organization on my MacBook did not duplicate itself on my phone. Thanks!

Yes, they do sync the categories and subcategories. Note that often, especially on first sync of a new device it can take a while before all categories and subcategories come in, and initially it might look like only the projects come across. Normally it’s simply a matter of giving the sync time to complete by leaving Agenda in the foreground on a charging device.

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