Switch from iCloud to Dropbox

Hi, when I try to switch from iCloud to Dropbox, the activity indicator displays and never ends.
My company blocks iCloud through provisioning. Regardless of whether I choose to delete/not delete iCloud data, the app still hangs.


I’m afraid there are still a few issues with Dropbox sync, and also with switching. The good news is that we have fixed them in the development version, and will have a beta very soon. The next release should make things much better.

For now, you are probably best to stick with iCloud, and try Dropbox again when the new version comes.

Sorry for the trouble.

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For those of us who moved to Dropbox, and now have unsynced notes between iPad and Mac, what’s the best way to recover until the next release?

I can’t use iCloud (company policy) so I’ve been unsynced before, never been in this partial sync state. Are there any issues I need to clean before the next release?

Once sync starts working again, it should all merge together properly. So nothing to do before then.

Sorry you have to wait. We are finalizing the reminders, and the Dropbox stuff is caught up in it a bit.

what is the status of the dropbox sync?

+1 that Dropbox isn’t functioning correctly on my iPhone. Disconnecting from iCloud yields an infinite activity indicator, and I’m never able to set up Dropbox sync on my phone

Have you got the latest 6.0 version of Agenda? It improved Dropbox quite a lot.

Yes sir! I’m a new user, just downloaded 6.0 last week. If it helps diagnose, I set up Agenda Dropbox sync on my laptop, which worked well. The app hang happens on my iphone when I try to enable Dropbox sync (currently it’s set to Off). I don’t have the Dropbox app installed, but I wouldn’t think that’s a requirement.

So the app hangs when you try to switch the sync switch to on? Hmm, that sounds a bit like maybe it is not authenticating properly. Do you see a sign in form or something?

I would certainly try restarting the device, if you haven’t done that. If that doesn’t help, it might be worth trying installing the dropbox app to see if that makes a difference.

Rebooting the phone didn’t work. Installing the Dropbox app did work! Once installed, I tried enabling sync in Agenda once again and it redirected to the Dropbox app for permissioning - data is flowing now.

For whatever reason, the Agenda iOS app didn’t open Dropbox in Safari for permissioning (and/or didn’t prompt me to install the app upon seeing I didn’t have it installed, if that’s required for syncing).

Am I ok to delete the Dropbox app now? Or does the app have to be present on the phone to facilitate Agenda syncing?

Thanks for the help

We will investigate why it doesn’t open in Safari. I thought that would work.

You are better to keep the Dropbox app installed, I think. Not sure what will happen if you don’t have it.