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Then again; reminder integration is less important (to me) than Addressbook (Contacts) now that I have found out how easy it is to plan stuff in Agenda - without annoying alarms and things.

Just asign a date range to items with deadlines and put them on the agenda so you will be reminded of them regularly. And if it helps, link them to calendar events.

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A great App that I am still getting my head around. I have been using for a few weeks now - only the IOS app as I use a windows based desktop (when I use it these days). It took me a while to get ithe app working how I wanted and I am still rearranging and changing as I learn more. However I think it is an app that is worth the time and energy to get it set up how you want.

I could probably use other apps to do what I do but I like the layout of Agenda. I Like a clean layout and Agenda is helping with this.
I collapse the majority of categories and use saved searches to bring up what I need. Some categories I will goto less frequently for example I Keep pdf Manuals and documents that I am likely to refer to offline under one category this will be opened less frequently than other categories.

My main goto categories are the Experiences category, which at this stage has two Projects ‘Events’ and ‘Dining’, and the Projects Category which contains all my active or todo projects. In one respect I am using a Project as a Sub Category and my notes as a project. Each note has an Overview section, an Activity list and Tags to indicate status I.e todo, started, inprogress etc. using a single note to cover an entire project means I can get all the info when I use the tag search. I keep pretty much everything collapsed and expand when needed.

I also store documents and manuals on my own cloud and use a link these to access when need.

I have found that it is not always easy to find where things are on the IOS version as often the help refers to File Menu which doesn’t appear to be on the IOS version. But hey I’m retired so have the time ( well sort off) to search and play with the app.

Overall I think this is a great app. I also use Evernote and do so only because of the cross platform syncing. (Android phone, Windows PC and IPad). My current work around is using google calendar; that way date dependent projects are seen on the android and I can use the iOS app if I need further information.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to see what the future brings to Agenda.