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feature request: keyboard shortcut to move lines or paragraphs up or down (like Ulysses or OmniOutliner) such as command arrows or command + control arrows

Thanks for considering


Thank you for building this. I have been on the prowl for something like Agenda for a little while, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Also good job advertising with Daring Fireball or I’d never have known about this. :slight_smile:


Loving the app! I’m coming from loving the flexibility of Notion but eventually finding myself using Concepts (a vector drawing app with infinite canvas and ability to adjust everything).

Notion is a great tool but I spent a lot of time developing my own system for getting things done. Something that would work for the way I think.

Concepts is a glorious drawing app that I ended up using as infinite digital whiteboard. The way I was organizing my tasks and notes in Concepts with just my handwriting was awesome but there was this sense that I still had to think about what my rules were for the way I used it.

Looking at Agenda, it’s very similar to the way I was organizing my tasks in Concepts but 1) it syncs across all my devices (low bar in this day and age, but important for me), 2) it’s its own system but has flexibility for me within it to line it up with how my brain organizes tasks, 3) wow there’s a community talking about these things here that I really resonate with.

Thank you for creating this. It’s a joy to use.

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I was looking for ages in my GTD process. Tried different apps, was searching for the perfect, in my opinion perfect and then today i came across Agenda. Downloaded installed and the first wow effect. You guys have done a good job. Didn’t took my me that long and i went for premium.


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Brilliant to hear, glad you like Agenda so much and thank you for your support!

Hello, it’s a realy cool app, thanks for this, i’m glad to use it.

Could you give possibilities to customise right side panel, like show ASAP tasks, or must have task, Wishlist and so on, it would a very useful possibility for user as i think.

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it would be awesome if we can have a to-do list option in the notes. A tab showing all the to-do’s with notes linked would be awesome.

This should go a long way into that direction we hope:

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The day I can hit the plus button with my Apple Pencil and start jotting down a note is the day I will buy all premium features of this app. It’s still great without that but not certain it’s worth changing my other workflows (which combine existing calendar app and dated Goodnotes.

What an awesome App! Love it and getting work colleagues on it.

One thing I would love to see - autocomplete on tags and people. Ie., hashtag- would allow me to tab through and autocomplete based on my following text input based on existing tags in the system.

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Yes, autocomplete would be nice. On the roadmap for sure.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I was using Things a lot but I always felt Things lacks integration with calendar and reminders!

I’m glad Agenda has integration with Calendar and Remdiners are coming! Super awesome!

After using the app for my daily projects, I find the following features would be great to speed things up. Many of them I already saw on your “in development” list.

  • Re-ordering of projects and sub-projects.
  • Re-ordering of paragraphs and list Items / todos in notes. Currently, I can re-order whole notes up and down, but I cannot move an item in a list up or down. Many programs support that to better organize one’s todos in a project.
  • Auto-complete of hashtags and people! So when I search or I add a # to tag an item with a hashtag, and I start typing, that I get auto-complete suggestions. This helps speed things up and prevents me from mistyping things (#budget #budgets #bugdet…) suddenly I end up with 3 tags.
  • Quickly add reminders to todos
  • Search should return single todo lines, not whole notes
  • Ability to hide or grey out finished todos & finished notes
  • Search filters to only search for specific content (e.g. only todos, only list items, only open todos, archived notes, active notes, done todos, done notes and in conjunction with dates to search for notes or due dates before a date, after a date, or inbetween two dates.
  • Archiving of Notes and Todos, still being able to search for them with search filters

As said, most of that is on your list. I’d really like the search to get more powerful and some additional sorting options for items in lists. But most of all, Agenda should be kept as simple to use as it currently is.

I know those goals are sometimes exclusive (add features AND remain simple to use), but most of the requests you have on your todo list do not add additional complexity but leverage what’s there and makes those things more powerful (smarter search for types of notes, list items, todos, open or closed, archived notes, dates…). Sorting of projects.

I LOVE the simplicity of agenda. Thanks for making it! Going to buy a license now after testing it for some days. I hope to support you a bit this way.

Ah, one additional feature request:

  • add a tip function, to tip developers if you feel like it