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Bought. Loved the jingle that celebrated my purchase, haha. I heard about Agenda on DaringFireball btw. I think you ran an ad on John’s RSS feed. Thank you! That’s how I found out about you!

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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your support and feedback! And good to know that DF ad paid dividends :wink:

Yes, I think we have our eye on all the items in your list. Unfortunately, each one is a few weeks or months work :frowning: We’ll get there.

Kind regards,

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Yes. Well, you announced reminders on your site, I guess this is coming soon. And the rest, I’ll be here and look forward to updates :slight_smile:

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In the discussion about Search, this comment (From January of last year) notes that “Summary” views was something being considered. Is this still the case? Immediately upon buying the app I wanted to see a complete overview on my unfinished tasks across all notes, and as far as I can tell, you can’t do that.

This is indeed still on our list, first a number of other things that need to go out however.

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Loving this app, seriously a life-changer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Are there any plans to be able to drag-and-drop to change the order of appearance of whole Categories? I’m not seeing it mentioned specifically in the roadmap, only projects.

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Yes, certainly in the roadmap. Stay tuned!

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I can’t believe I never heard of this app before. I was just scrolling through the App Store on my iPad, and it jumped out at me. After playing with it a bit I purchased, not because I particularly needed any of the extra features, but because I wanted to support such a brilliant app.

I am looking forward to a couple of the features you’re already working on, like the reminders support, which looks like it will be amazing.

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Thanks for your support! The reminders feature will be our tomorrow.

Hey Support Team,

Thanks for the last update. Synchronisation with Reminder is the feature I’ve been waiting for since I starting using Agenda app


That’s brilliant to hear, glad you like it!

Reminders in Agenda and multiple notes tied to the same event — both of these are brilliant! Thank you so much.

Please consider adding “repeating” and “at a location” features to the Reminders integration.

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Wow! I came across this app today and started playing around with it… This is a fantastic notes/calendar app full of great feature I don’t see in other apps. The only one missing feature is Apple pencil support; from reading through the Agenda Community I see it’s on your Radar which is great to hear. I am looking forward to using this as my full-time note taking app.

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The only one missing feature is Apple pencil support; from reading through the Agenda Community I see it’s on your Radar which is great to hear.

Yes, we have someone working on Pencil right now. Will be out with iOS 13.


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One software company I worked for had an ongoing list of planned features that users could vote on. The features with the highest number of votes had the highest priority, except where it made sense to combine features with synergistic relationships or features that could leverage the same code.

We’ve seen this suggestion a few times but we’re not a fan of this approach as outlined in this recent post: