Working with other Calendar apps

Fantastic app. Already a fan. Would really be great if it could open other calendar apps by default, e.g. Fantastical 2. Is this possible?

On mac it already works, simply change the default calendar app in the Calendar app preferences and Agenda should pick this up. On iOS it’s more complicated, see

I use Pocket Informant which is set as the default app in the Apple Calendar app. Agenda will only open the Apple Calendar…

We do need to explicitly support the various calendar alternatives, we’ll have a look if we can add Pocket Informant to that list.
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That works for me! Thank you!

I’m guessing it’s easier to implement on iOS than on Mac based solely on the fact that AirMail has integration with Informant (and several other apps) on iOS but not Mac? Is this a correct assumption?

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It really all depends on whether they have some URL scheme to support opening the app at a certain date or event.