Order of today view



At the moment, the Today view is sorted by projects. I expect the Today view to match my calendar agenda. I would expect the notes to be sorted by time either ascending or descending. Is there a way to sort by time?


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I noticed this the other day, and have to admit, seeing my Today view arranged by project is not how I’d expect a Today view to be laid out. I’d much prefer to see Today arranged chronologically.


It’s pretty disorientating at first because the calendar side bar is also showing my agenda “today”. I would expect the Today tab to be the same.

What would also be amazing is to be able to suggest adding a note for the next meeting (based on the current time). I’m always adding a linked note for the next meeting but the workflow could be better. I’m imagining something like:

  1. Open Today view
  2. If current time is within +/-15 mins of upcoming meeting show at the top of the list a button Add New Note to [meeting title] - [meeting time]
  3. Click said button
  4. Choose project
  5. Added to the bottom of the notes list.

Imagine having the calendar side bar open and as you scroll down it highlights the event as you’re viewing it.

If no upcoming meetings show “No more upcoming meetings”

I also think the calendar side bar could do a better job of highlighting upcoming meetings over past ones but that’s irrelevant.


That would be incredible. It would really improve my workflow with Agenda.


Adding more sort options for the overviews is definitely on our to do list, so is the ability to have more viewing options (like only showing the first x lines etc). It’s not entirely trivial though, for example, where do you sort undated notes. We’ll do our best to come up with something that works well.

In the next update we have some improvements to the calendar in the side bar. Also, note that you can already drag events from that calendar into the middle pane to create a new note for that meeting.




I wanted to thank the folks in this discussion because you alerted me to something that had been frustrating me and I was able to create a workaround. I keep a running to do list that results from the meetings in Agenda and wanted it to be pinned to the top of the Today View but pinning only works within the project. I had not realized the Today view was ordered by project and assumed it was LIFO sort of thing. Changed my ToDo project to a_ToDo and now I have my list effectively pinned.