Related notes randomness

Does having two notes from seperate projects marked as on the agenda automatically link them? Because I have had notes randomly linking and that’s the only reason I can think of. If so, that needs to be fixed. I often have several meetings in one day. If they are linked to seperate events, they are clearly ‘on the agenda’ for seperate meetings - not intrinsically related.

Okay, it’s definitely not even to do with the “one the agenda” feature- notes are randomly making themselves “related” without my doing so, and I have yet to find the option to unlink notes so I have now deleted and remade the same not several times. This is a deal breaker for me if it’s not addressed immediately

Are you referring to the related notes section in the inspector? Does associations are created dynamically, see this post for a more detailed explanation:

I’m sorry, but this needs to be changed. While these associations may be “dynamic,” they are not intuitive or intelligent. I do not want my notes to be related unless I specifically mark them as such. As it is now my noteswill quickliy become a mess for me to navigate and that feature will become obsolete. Also, I have had notes repeatedly mark themselves as related despite not meeting any of the qualifications/criteria you listed in your response on that thread. Please rethink this ASAP, or create a specific user controlled settings for the feature.

I’m afraid the way it works now is here to stay. If you like to create explicit links between notes fully under your control I suggest you use either the Agenda Links or use Tags in combination with Smart Overviews.

Did you happen to miss my mention of the fact that the implentation of this feature diverges even from your own explanation of how it should function. I wouldn’t consider it a great MO to announce that bugs are here to stay, nor would I expect a developer to have the desire to do so….

If you think there are cases where the criteria are incorrectly applied it would be keen to see screenshots of those. I’m not aware of bugs at the moment.

The remark that we will not change the methodology applies to the fact that we won’t change from automatic determination of relatedness to a manual way. For that we have other ways as mentioned.

Of course if there are real bugs in the current methodology we would be keen to fix those, that goes without saying I’d say.

I quite like the related notes feature. I have a blistering array of contemporaneous and overlapping projects that involve with overlapping groups of people. Related Notes saves me the tedium of having to specify linkages.

This might be a bit of a tall order, but it would be even better to have an AI component that suggests similar documents along the lines of DEVONthink’s See Also & Classify feature.

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I don’t mind if you don’t want to completely automate the related feature, I would however like to be given the option to override/deleted superfluous relationships that are made as a result of the subpar execution