Related Notes Explanation Please



I just spent a little while trying to figure out Related Notes. No can do.

What does one do to cause notes to be related?

Related notes randomness
Related notes

What does one do to cause notes to be related?

  • the occurrence of the same tag across notes

  • the occurrence of the same people assigned across notes

  • overlapping dates assigned to notes

  • notes within the same project edited on the same day


I’m having some trouble here. My ”related notes” are always always always identical - they show 4 of the notes from projects I have created myself, always the same 4. I use tags, calendars and names, and even though (for example) one note has tags that are present in only a few other notes, the list of related notes doesn’t change - but the ones in the list are far less related than the ones with tags etc.

What makes me more concerned is, while I’m still getting used to the app I’ve kept all the example projects and notes - and all of these ones show me the same related notes as my existing notes.

That definitely tells me something is wrong - the sample stuff contains lots of the same tags and names and types, so why do they share exactly the same related notes as my own notes?

Not sure if I’m explaining this right - please ask if you need me to clarify things. Surely the list shouldn’t always stay the same should it?


That sounds odd indeed, is this true also after a restart of the app? And is this on iOS or Mac, or both? And on all your devices?


Thank you - I’ve been struggling with the same question, & simply hadn’t thought of that! :blush: @tqwhite


Hmmm I can’t figure out related notes either.

For me “Related notes” would be useful for situations like when I have a note for a specific topic and 2 days later have another meeting for the same topic, then I would like to link those notes together so I can see how many I have about that topic.

But I guess that is not how it works at the moment?

EDIT: I guess you could “link” notes if you have a calendar booking for a specific topic on different days?
But let’s say that one of the meetings was booked and the other one was just a coffee break session and was not in my calendar, how would I link that note in a situation like this?


For technical reasons adding links from one note to the other doesn’t make it show up under related notes, perhaps in the future but right now it cannot be done for performance reasons. However, the simplest way is to make sure related notes contain at least one tag that is similar, this will make them show up. So for example, at the start or end of the note add a #teammeeting tag and now they all start showing in the related section when one is selected.


So can some one explain exactly how related notes are supposed to work?

If I want to relate one note to another what do I do to make them related?

If I want to break a relationship how do I do that?


See above: Related Notes Explanation Please


Can we please have a way of identifying why the related note is related (e.g., something showing the tag).


On the Mac if the notes are related due to tags or people this will be shown in the tooltip if you hover over the entry:


Hello @mekentosj ,

I have notes that meet the criteria that you have outlined below:

For example, I extensively use tags and many notes share same the same tags. Nevertheless I have zero notes in the Related Notes section on the iOS app. Why is this? :thinking:

Thank you for your help.

Update & Solution
I looked for Related Notes in the Mac OS app and found some related Notes (by the way is 4 the maximum?).

From this experience I decided to try again on the iOS. I figured out what I why I did not see Related Notes. Simply (and foolishly) I had not selected a note before checking for Related Notes.

Cool it works! Thank you! :grin:


Pfew! Glad to hear it works!!


It sure does! Thanks for creating such an awesome app! :blush: