PDF don't show markers

When I create a PDF, the topics doesn‘t contain the very useful checkmark icons left to the topic itself. In the iOS App of Agenda it is shown properly.

Would be great if you can add the icon next to the topic on the exported PDF‘s

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Could you send us an example PDF? If it contains private info you can send it to alex@agenda.com directly.

Sure. Due to some restrictions as „new user“ I’m not able to upload PDF’s nor am I able to upload multiple pictures to one post. That is why it is split now…


Here some Agenda Screenshots showing the marking of the note subject.

This are the options, which are great:


And here is the screenshot of the PDF export from the entire project (can‘t upload the PDF because I‘m a new user, only screenshots allowed…)

It looks the same on windows machines with acrobat reader.

Ah yes, this is on iOS right? On Mac we generate the PDF differently and it should contain them. We hope to bring the iOS version up to par at some point but it’s less trivial there.

Yes, it is on iOS (iPad). Can‘t you add at least the same check box you use on the normal text below of the note subject?

Will try indeed