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I am using Agenda now for a couple of days on the Mac and on iOS devices. My first impression: holy shit, I really like it! Its the first time ever that a note taking app "feels“ about right for me and that I am looking forward to use it. I gladly chipped in for the Premium version.

I hope you guys manage to continue keeping the balance between making a simple app and adding new features.


Ah. And only now I realised that the little project icons change when more and more notes are added. Its subtle but looks super nice!


Thanks for the encouraging words and your support, glad you like Agenda!


My impressions after a couple of days. I’m comparing to other tools I use: omnifocus, wordpress and quiver.

vs wordpress: search (compared to wordpress basic commercial which has no way to search posts), no annoying save button (wordpress save is slow and buggy);
vs quiver: ios apps with seameless integration; folding of levels;
vs omnifocus: no losing the entry when you try to move it, no archiving

vs quiver: no syntax highlighting for code, cannot tag whole note
vs omnifocus: only one level of hierarchy (probably most important issue for me now)


I’ve moved from Onenote, which I loved, to Agenda, purely because the way notes are associated with calendar meetings really works better and the integration to calendar is great. The sync between devices is good. All I’d ask is keep adding the features. Only gripe is the way indentation around bullets works, to move them left more easily but its a small thing. Happy to pay for premium definitely worth it.


Can you elaborate on the bullets issue? You can “outdent” using shift-tab or cmd-[. These are fairly standard approaches. You an also use backspace on a new line to terminate the list.


I have been professionally reviewing software for many years, for magazines like Macworld, Publish, IT Week, etc. I’ve come across many task managers, notes managers, all-in-one calendars, etc, and never found one that worked in a way that I find intuitive.

When I first downloaded Agenda from the App Store a year ago, I thought it was just another task manager with a unique approach that wasn’t mine — it lacked features and I couldn’t tell which way it would be going. I gave it another shot after reading Apple’s interview in the Mac App Store and I’m now very happy that I did.

Agenda is a task manager, a journal, a diary, a replacement for a paper organiser, all wrapped into one. It lacks a few features, but not many – adding all the stuff people on this forum ask for would turn it into bloatware, although some of the requests are useful for an efficient user experience.

If I would have to describe Agenda in a few lines, I would say it manages your life with the freedom you’re used to from a paper-based system but with the efficiency of digital.


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, that’s brilliant to hear.

You couldn’t be more precisely describing what drove a lot of the development of Agenda: in order for many to actually use a note-taking app on a computer, it needs to feel being as free and at least as powerful as with a simple old-school paper agenda.


Really love this app! Do you guys have a time frame for the photo, pdf additions release?

I’m ready to buy, just really want that added before I commit. Super great app! When you get that iOS build out the door, going to be unbelievable! Hurry, I need this sooo bad with photos! haha!

Thanks guys!


Almost, see Attaching external documents and Images: Insert images in text


i love your app and it has been an amazing experience since i’ve started to use it. Could you please add a ‘highlights’ feature? Thanks.


I so second this. Just discovered Agenda yesterday evening and bought the premium today a mere 24h later.

I‘m using it for taking study notes so apart from pictures a few other things would be great to have:

The ability to make arrows —> like this and the ability to control the spacing a little better between different points or when making a short break between sentences.

Apple Pencil support would be huge as well. Especially because Agenda is a note taking App. Would be amazing if this was a feature added soon.
It would be amazing if I could use the Apple pencil (or my finger) to switch into a sort of „highlight“ mode where I would just write stuff and highlight with my pencil or finger that I wrote on my keyboard before.


Once the app performance is improved and on par with others, Agenda is gonna be my AIO note taking. Right now it just cant handle a mere thousand of notes.


Hello everyone, I loved the community. I just downloaded agenda. All I want is to get rid of the Evernote. I sent them a lot of emails regarding their pdf. annotations which is useless. I am really curious about your vision of this beautiful app. I am MD, I have many files.
Thank you :slight_smile: !


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