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Well ya got me - this makes perfect sense and I personally do want you guys to succeed. I see your point, honestly, just wanted to be as candid and honest as I could. As long as the minimalism of the app is preserved, I’ll be happy. I guess I was just defending the totally beautiful UI… hah.

I’m buying premium this weekend! Thanks for your response!


I agree on what @drewmccormack wrote - to have this button but not to prominent.
Sometimes I used apps which informed or reminded me permanet about the option to buy the „Pro“ version.
With the result: I deleted the app (because I was not interested in the Pro features).
I like(d) the way how Agenda offers the Pro version…


Really love the app - for Mac and iOS. I am still playing around until I make the leap to pay for all the features. In either the free or paid version, could there be a format window? I like to use different styles and indentations in the same note. It gets a little cumbersome always going to the Finder Bar. Thanks!!


I absolutely adore Agenda — the fit and finish and core functionality is fantastic for me. I’m very impressed and $25 is so worth it that it’s not even a discussion point. Will have more feedback in the future, but mainly wanted to say “thank you!"


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So far I’m really enjoying the app especially the UI. It currently does everything I need on my iOS device. The only feedback I have at this time is a request for a web based platform so I can access my notes from my Windows or Linux computers.

Please make this happen!


We are not ruling out doing a web app or Windows version in the future but just not right now, we already have a lot to do for iOS and macOS.


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I came across the app in the app store yesterday and downloaden it straight away. So far, I am very enthusiastic about it! The app is well on its way to be an all-in-one app for organising yourself (notes, calendar, documents, etc.). Especially when adding attachments is added to the app.
For me it would be an even more complete app if I could also manage my calendar in the app. I would make for less changing to other apps when in a meeting (for instance when scheduling a new meeting).

About the upcoming attachment feature: will that also link to cloud-services like Dropbox or Onedrive?


Glad you like Agenda so much! For feature requests I suggest to post your questions in a separate topic or existing ones like this one


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thanks for this app to bring such features into my daily works . but i still want to ask if there could be insert picture to notes and a windows client ?


I’ve been bouncing back between this and a couple of apps for my daily routine. Finally pulled the trigger and moved all of my items to Agenda, since work provided me with a MacBook Pro.

I haven’t searched the forum ( I’m sure someone else suggested this ) but, I would like to see an option to default new notes to a project or category of my choice. Right now I have a project called “For review” where I dump all my new notes, clipped URL, etc to sift through later when I have time.

Another item I would like to see but, is not 100% necessary is the ability to add start and end dates to projects.

Anyway thanks for the great app.


Thanks for the feedback! We do have some ideas about “dumping grounds”. Stay tuned for that.


Love that you guys are active with your users. Keep up the good work and support.


Nice product and interesting concept. I need a dated list for use amongst my family members. Sadly this is not possible so I am moving on… Thanks


This app is really great - as soon as it supports attachments, I can easily see it replacing Evernote in my workflow. It has already replaced my paper Moleskine notebook.
I see several people commented on the overall interface color. You may want to look into how Todoist has implemented the option to change the overall color. However, it’s absolutely trivial compared to things like attachments, and email forwarding of notes. I look forward to future updates, thanks for this app!


Color and text theming are certainly on our radar. Stay tuned!


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