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Love the app! Great work. Excited to dive deeper.

A few tidbits of feedback:

  • Definitely an iOS app!
  • More customization in the app for fonts
  • More customization in line spacing. Awesome if there was cozy and compact.
    • Any other integrations in the mix? Todoist??



iOS app is just around the corner.

We have added text scaling. If you haven’t seen that, take a look in preferences. More customization is on the roadmap.

For now we have support for sharing extensions. Any app with sharing extensions that can handle our data should appear in the Share menu. Not sure about Todoist, but if they have one, it should be there.

Note you can also use Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link, and paste the link in other apps to open up Agenda at a note or project.


good points, would be nice to have something like a sync with the "apple reminder universum“ and the @someone tag in the future


Yep, reminders is definitely something we want to integrate better with. On the list. Same with contacts + @people.


Hi guys!
The app is great, but apart from your plans I miss spell-check and auto-capitalisation of a new sentence.

Thanks for working on it!



I’ve started using it now and already love it.

What I think is missing from my initial impressions:

  • Drag and drop on macOS should create a new note (not only dragging text inside an existing note)
  • It seems I like long titles for my notes, and the titles get clipped when they’re bigger than the window. I would prefer if the title always appeared in full (even if the font need to be smaller for that)

Other than that, great work, thanks!


Hi! I’ve only had the app for a few hours, & I’m still finding my way around, but I already love it & I’m looking forward to learning how to get the best from it. Loved the tour with Agendabot! :blush::heart:


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The first time I saw this app. I know, this is it! Now that ios is out, my workflow’s complete and being more productive than before. I do hope that relationship with Third party apps like Omnifocus (Things and Reminders) would be better. If it’s possible, maybe allowing them to better communicate with each other. Nevertheless, very satisfied premium user here!


I purchased the premium features as I really love the possibilities with this app!

What I would love to see is the ability to snap a photo with my phone and insert into notes for grabbing the whiteboards in meetings etc.


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Good idea. Thanks!


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First of all, Agenda is incredible and feels GREAT to use. Look and feel is super important to me, and Agenda just “feels right” to me.

With that said, this is not a gripe just a suggestion:

I’m sure there is plenty of marketing behind this project, and I noticed one of the decisions you made was to include a bright yellow button (where everything else is subtle and blends to the white background) in the upper right that says “GET ALL FEATURES”. I completely understand why this is here, it reminds you that there might be features you aren’t using… that’s all well and good but I was made aware of premium features a couple times already, and I kind of get this feeling that I’m a cheapskate until I pay to remove this button basically. I think it would be admirable, trustworthy, and a kind gesture to free users to hide this notice or at least give us an option buried in the preferences to hide this button. It really affects the UI alot, to people who are detail-oriented like me.

I am considering buying Agenda, just need to wait a couple paychecks before I drop the $25, but I look forward to doing it… but this reminder kind of makes me think twice sometimes simply because it reminds me of other premium apps that I stopped using (or even pirated lol) because I didn’t like that notice.

Let me know what you think, I’m really curious!

My suggestion here: Let us hide it in the options, but default it up there for new installs EVERY time?? Pretty pretty please? I’ll still buy it! Lol

Take care and keep up the incredible work.

P.S. I won’t (can’t) pirate Agenda so take that comment for that it is… just colorful commentary.


I haven’t seen Agenda on Mac yet, which as you’re seeing the button in yellow is what I imagine you’ll be using, but I actually like the Premium Features button on iOS - it’s not unreasonably prominent and it’s in the same light orange shade as the other Agenda buttons, and It means I know immediately where to go pro soon as I have some ready cash. Looking forward to that :wink:


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Thanks for the feedback. I can see your point, but we are a small company, and depend on sales of Agenda to feed our families. Sounds dramatic, but that is actually the reality. We aren’t IBM or Apple. Your purchase keeps us fed :slight_smile:

So you will understand that it is important for us to keep people aware that they can upgrade. Hiding the button away too much could be a dangerous thing for the viability of the product, which would not be good for us, but also not good for customers who like Agenda and want it to continue being developed.

We think having a button there is not a large price to pay given the free version of the app is already very capable. Hope you understand.