Today widget

The thing i like to see is en “today widget” on the lockscreen :muscle:
I have bought the premium today and Agenda works really fine :+1:


Can you give us an idea what sort of information you would like in the today widget? There is not much room, so full notes would be a bit over the top.

Only title is enough, maybe 1 first line of the note… :slight_smile:

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OK, so you would like to see a list of notes in the Today overview of Agenda (?) Think I get it.

Yep, thats it.
A widget with today items :+1:, then i can see me today items without opening Agenda. And when I click this item then Agenda open that note :slight_smile:


Hello - also, would be great if the Today widget notes had an option of auto-sort by date linked - ie if the notes in my Today are all linked to calendar items, then I’d like an option where it can be auto-sorted by calendar event date.

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I’d like to see this on both macOS and iOS. The widget does good because it’s like a quick view. I think it should show the what’s due today and also what’s coming up on your Agenda.

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Title of stuff due today would be just fine, imo :blush:

Yes, today widget with notes on agenda would be lovely!!

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We need a today widget for Agenda…that will be awesome.I am forced to use other apps like GoodTask for the widget they allow

Coming back to this theme - Agenda has the widget in iOS14 - something similar in scope would be dandy for macOS I think.

The same widgets will be part of Agenda when macOS11 comes out.

Then basically that would be a ‘Today’ extension of some sort, correct? I was alluding to something that could be shown on the desktop - like the widgets in iOS that you can show on the launchpad. But as an alternative yes scripting support would be nice even if read-only in the first increment so it is possible to use Übersicht for example to show information. This is an example of my desktop with widgets from said application.
Monosnap 2020-09-21 12-48-28

Yes I show the Things today on purpose - it is backed by Things :slight_smile:

It would indeed be a Today extension. I actually suspect that Apple’s original plans would be to allow those new widgets in macOS11 to run on the desktop, just like on iPhone you can put them on the home screen, but that they didn’t get to it. Hopefully in the next round.