Today widget

The thing i like to see is en “today widget” on the lockscreen :muscle:
I have bought the premium today and Agenda works really fine :+1:


Can you give us an idea what sort of information you would like in the today widget? There is not much room, so full notes would be a bit over the top.

Only title is enough, maybe 1 first line of the note… :slight_smile:

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OK, so you would like to see a list of notes in the Today overview of Agenda (?) Think I get it.

Yep, thats it.
A widget with today items :+1:, then i can see me today items without opening Agenda. And when I click this item then Agenda open that note :slight_smile:


Hello - also, would be great if the Today widget notes had an option of auto-sort by date linked - ie if the notes in my Today are all linked to calendar items, then I’d like an option where it can be auto-sorted by calendar event date.

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I’d like to see this on both macOS and iOS. The widget does good because it’s like a quick view. I think it should show the what’s due today and also what’s coming up on your Agenda.

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Title of stuff due today would be just fine, imo :blush:

Yes, today widget with notes on agenda would be lovely!!

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We need a today widget for Agenda…that will be awesome.I am forced to use other apps like GoodTask for the widget they allow