Using Agenda as a Gardener

I did a review on the app store for agenda, and I was asked if I’d like to share with the agenda community, so here goes!

I run a small gardening maintenance business and have moved my gardening customers details over from Microsoft’s onenote, and have found it simplifies my book keeping.

I have my gardening category, Gardener George, all my customers are listed under gardener george as projects, David, Lisa, Elizabeth etc.

I imported my notes from one note, but to start afresh, under each customers name write the first agenda ie: their address and what the gardening requirements usually are. then cross off the agenda.

When they book in a gardening request: write it down on the agenda complete with date your going to do the work, using the calendar function. Book down all the customers gardening requests.

When the work has been completed: look at on the agenda, put the time taken down, ie; 2 hours and the cost ie; $100 - then cross off the agenda. The same for all the customers.

At the end of the month: search all - press the calendar - this month. heh presto. Each garden you’ve worked on, the time, the amount earned - already to be booked in for that months income.

Plus you’ve created a record of the work completed for each customer, the time, and what you’ve charged.

Hope this may be useful,
Gardener George


Great workflow George, really like how you use both separate projects to keep track of the history and todo list for each customer, but also how you use the calendar aspect to get a quick overview when needed. Cool!