Integration with Apple Mail

Hello, I love the app and happy to support it. It’s brilliant. The new upcoming features are all welcome, but I have one suggestion for the next integration project. Apple Mail. Adding the ability to save emails directly into Agenda, being able to create lists that automatically save emails with a matching keyword (for example, if the sender is X or the email contain keyword X), linking emails to notes and projects and being able to create an email draft directly from Agenda note would all make the program insanely powerful. Agenda is brilliant at collecting notes, organizing thourghts and ideas and even basic project management. Linking communication the way we link images and documetns would be fantastic. Hope you consider it.

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We have a number of ideas on better integration with Mail indeed, question is how tied it should be, for example, would you prefer a link to a mail message or have the full email be saved as an attachment of your note?

Here’s an idea. What about a couple of options. One, to save attachments directly to Agenda. Say someone sends a spreadsheet I have to review. Being able to add it to a project with a click would be amazing.

Second, what if we could highlight part of the message and create a note or a new projects, right from mail. So, right click highlighted text and select “new note” or “new project.” That would be tremendously useful.

As for the entire message, a reference would be perfect, especially if clicking it would open the mail message. It would keep Agenda lean and would save iCloud storage, assuming all notes actually save to the cloud. Not sure, maybe they just sync.

Thank you so much for a response!

Thanks, all makes a lot of sense and is in line with the ideas we have in this space.

I’ve long since moved away from Apple Mail, mainly because searching was so slow. If that’s since been resolved, integration with Agenda might tempt me back!

Great ideas. In my case (re:bold), if available, I’m leaning toward keeping the email (in whole or part) in Agenda and delete it from Mail. Supposedly Apple is bringing updates to Mail in iOS13. We can only hope.

  • Omnifocus have largely fixed their email integration problems by adding a link to the mail when you forward it or save it to OF. I think a link would be sufficient.

  • There is absolutely no way any Agenda integration can mess with the email database by deleting email from it.

  • Saving attachments and highlighted passages seem like sharing extension/shortcuts integration type stuff - especially if the rumours of the next Mac OS bringing Shortcuts to the Mac are correct.

I think the best would be having the possibility to use the email both as a note and a link. For example, Spark offers already the possibility to create a link to an email connecting with their own server, where you can find the entire email or a thread with different emails, included the attachments. And I use a lot it combined with Agenda. On the other side, it would be even very helpful to have the possibility to transform the text of an email directly in an Agenda note, to be further elaborated it inside the App. This would mean a perfect integration of the email inside the workflow with Agenda.


What is a work around now.

Hi @mekentosj wondering if there is any progress on mail integration since this post in Apr 19?

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Not yet, that is, not yet user facing. It’s one of the things we have prepared for as part of Agenda 14…

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I have been waiting for this… glad it’s getting closer.

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Am I correct that the only way to link an email to a note in Agenda 14 (Premium User) is to drag the email from Apple Mail and drop it into a note? That has worked, but not sure if there is somthing more elegant.
Thank you.

yeah thats exactly what i do with my emails. It works pretty well.

Thanks. Are you able to link without dragging and dropping? Some other way that might be faster?

At the moment drag and drop is the only way alas.

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