The issues we are fixing right now… (1)

Here’s a list of issues in Agenda we’re currently working to fix, we will do our best to get these in the next update but sometimes an issue can take longer to fix and it can be difficult to tell when it will arrive. We …

Do You Need Help? (2)
Notes disappearing on their own (4)
Inconsistent behaviour between filters when adding a note (2)
Data corruption on Undo/Redo (13)
Heavy input lag on iPad ( 2 ) (36)
Potential Bug: UI (3)
Unable to sync across devices (2)
Nonprofit discount (2)
An “update / sync” option to force calendar sync (7)
How do you find the stars? (4)
Related Notes Explanation Please (9)
Set calendar in the sidebar to show events for the whole week (6)
Cursor jumping to end of note every 5 seconds (14)
Spelling Corrections (11)
Help-moving items within a note (2)
Search for notes with a global « done « (2)
Flashback and syncing (4)
How to import thousands of log entries (10)
How to avoid automatic numbering (6)
PDF Export isn’t working on iPhone (7)
Calendar links (18)
When linking a note to a calendar event, all guests get a notification (15)
Moving text & Undo bug (7)
Calendar not updating (13)
Issues on iOS 12 Public Beta (12)
List editing on iOS (5)
Email linking (9)
Emoji in Project titles (6)
Abilty to have agenda item due date/time notification (2)