Batch Import Textbundle Files

I want to migrate from Craft to Agenda and have several thousand notes in Craft. I can export them all as .textbundle files but don’t see a way to import them into Agenda, except one at a time. I have far too many files to do it that way.

I see one post about this in 2022 but nothing since. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Do the notes from Craft come out one at a time, or is it possible to select a bunch, or a group, and export that as a text bundle?

I can export individually or in groups (all files in a single folder) in Craft. I can import a single file into Agenda and it looks correct. The challenge is how to get my 3000+ notes/files into Agenda. I have tried using CTRL+A to select all in the folder but that doesn’t work, Agenda will only allow a single file.

Maybe a diversion via Obsidian is a possible solution?
Craft export → Obsidian (md-export) → Agenda

A quick note, generally when migrating from one app to the other it’s important to take into account the structure of and differences between the two apps. For example, if the 3000 notes are of very small nature and all in one or two projects, it can easily lead to very bad performance if that structure is imported 1:1 into Agenda, where notes are generally meant to be a few paragraphs (as opposed to 1 paragraph - 1 note) and kept to about 100-200 notes max.

If that’s the case then it works fine, if not, it’s perhaps a good moment to ask yourself whether it makes sense to import everything. Sometimes it’s a nice moment to start from scratch, and only import those notes you’re still using/need to keep.

I think we probably just missed import of multiple text bundles by accident. I believe import of multiple txt files does work.

We’ll take a look and try to make this work in our next release. Sorry for the trouble.

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