The lines of notes are appearing written over each other


What I did: Nothing out of the ordinary

What happened: My notes aren’t erasing, but they are appearing on top of each other

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):


Recently, my notes have begun showing on top of each other and I haven’t done anything unusual. Below is an example of what it looks like. I close the app and re-open it and it’s then fine for a few hours, until it starts to happen again.

Sorry about this. We have discovered the issue, and a fix is coming.

We think it may also be related to the version of macOS you have. Try updating to the latest.

Restarting Agenda should clear the issue at least.

I also encountered this issue, which greatly affects my user experience, and the latest version still hasn’t solved it.

Sorry for the trouble. We have a fix coming in our next major release. For now, restarting the app should help.

Are you sure you have the very latest macOS (ie macOS 14.4.1)? Many users seem to avoid the problem with newer versions of Sonoma.

Kind regards,

I’ve confirmed that my system is up to date. I’ll continue to observe, and if the issue persists, I’ll provide further feedback.