Right Click sub-menu options not working on Note only Window

What I did: Created a new note and launched a separate window (or floating window) to focus on the note. Then I started writing text using bullet points. I wanted to highlight one of the bullet points but the sub-menu highlight options don’t come up. I’m using MAC os. I can get to it by going to the Format in the Mac OS menu Bar but not using the right click option.

What happened: The sub-menu Format>Highlight doesn’t load. All other options load. The options work well when I’m in the note in the main Agenda Window but not in the floating window or focus window.

What I expected: When I hover the mouse over Format>Highlight, it should show colours to choose from.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Latest version running on MAC OS Sonama, M1 Pro.

Hmm, this seems to be a bug. I tried it, and indeed the submenu does not appear for some reason. We will look into it.

For the time being, you could use the format palette. Select the word, and click the small circle to the left of the paragraph. That is a good formatting option, and you can even tear it off as a floating window.

Thanks for your prompt response. Happy to use the workaround :).

@drewmccormack — small update the sub-menu option
‘text color’ doesn’t’ work either. You may have already tested it yourself, but I thought I will put a comment because I mentioned all other options work in my original post which isn’t true.

Thanks, we’ll take note

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