Keyboard Shortcuts Overview

Keyboard Shortcuts

Below you’ll find a complete list of all keyboard shortcuts in Agenda.

Agenda menu

Shortcut Command
⌘ , Preferences…
⇧⌘ ⌫ Empty Trash…
⌃ L Make App Private…
⇧⌃ L Lock All Private Notes and Projects
⌘ H Hide Agenda
⌥⌘ H Hide Others
⌘ Q Quit Agenda
⌥⌘ Q Quit and Close All Windows

File menu

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ N New Project…
⌥⌘ N New Category…
⇧⌘ S New Smart Overview From Search…
⌘ N New Note
⌃⌘ N New Note After Selected Note
⌘ O Open in Separate Window
⌥ ⌘ O Open in New Window
⌃ ⌘ O Open in Full Screen Window
⌥ Space Open Quickly… (also ⇧⌘ O)
⌘ W Close Window
⌥⌘ W Close All Windows
⌘ P Print…
⌥⌘ P Print Selected Notes…

Edit menu

Shortcut Command
⌘ Z Undo
⇧⌘ Z Redo
⌘ X Cut
⌘ C Copy
⇧⌘ M Copy as Markdown
⇧⌘ H Copy as HTML
⇧⌘ L Copy as Agenda Link
⌘ V Paste
⌥⇧⌘ V Paste and Match Style
⌘ ⌫ Delete
⌘ A Select All
⇧⌃ ↑ Move Text Up
⇧⌃ ↓ Move Text Down
⌥ ⌘X Cut Unchecked Items
⌥ ⌘C Copy Unchecked Items
⌃⌘ C Check / Uncheck Item
⌃⌥⌘ C Check / Uncheck All Items
⌃⌘ B Move Checked Items to Bottom
⌃ ⌥⌘ B Move Unchecked Items to New Note
⌃⌘ R Add Row Above
⌘ R Add Row Below
⌃⌘ E Add Column Before
⌘ E Add Column After
⌘ F Find…
⇧⌘ F Find in All Projects
⌘ G Find Next
⇧⌘ G Find Previous
⌘ : Show Spelling and Grammar
⌘ ; Spell Check Document Now
fn fn Start Dictation
⌃⌘ Space Emoji & Symbols

Note menu

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ U Mark as On the Agenda / Remove from On the Agenda
⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done / Undone
⌥⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done Completely (also Removes from On the Agenda)
⇧⌘ D Assign Date…
⇧⌘ ⏎ Assign to Today
⇧⌘ K Pin to Top / Unpin from Top
⌃⇧⌘ K Make into Footnote / Unpin as Footnote
⌃⌘ ↑ Move to Before Previous Note
⌥⌃⌘ ↑ Move to Before First Note
⌃⌘ ↓ Move to After Next Note
⌥⌃⌘ ↓ Move to After Last Note
⌥⌘ ↑ Collapse
⌥⇧⌘ ↑ Collapse All
⌥⌘ ↓ Expand
⌥⇧⌘ ↓ Expand All
⌘ / Precede by New Note / Split Note / Start New Note
⌥⌘ / Merge Notes
⌘ D Duplicate Note
⌥⌘ ⌫ Move to Trash

Insert menu

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ T / # Tag
⇧⌘ P / @ Person
⇧⌘ R Reminder
⇧⌘ Y Star
⌃⌘, Current Date
⌃⌘. Current Time
⌃⌘H Horizontal Rule
⌃⌘L Table
⌘ K Add Web Link…
⇧⌘ A Attach File…

Format menu

Shortcut Command
⌃⌘ 0 Body Text
⌃⌘ 1 Heading
⌃⌘ 2 Sub-Heading
⌃⌘ 3 Minor Heading
⌃⌘ 4 Minor Sub-Heading
⌃⌘ 5 Preformatted
⌃⌘ 6 Block Quote
⇧⌘ - Dashed / Bullet List
⇧⌘ I Numbered List
⇧⌘ C Checklist
⌘ ] Increase Indentation
⌘ [ Decrease Indentation
⌘ B Bold
⌘ I Italic
⌘ U Underline
⌘ ! Highlight
⇧⌘ X Strikethrough
⌘ L Fixed Width
⌃⌘+ Superscript
⌃⌘- Subscript

View menu

Shortcut Command
⌘ 1 On The Agenda
⌘ 2 Today
⌘ 3…9 Select Smart Overviews in Sidebar
⌃ 1 Project List
⌃ 2 Table of Contents
⌘ T Show Today’s Calendar
⌥⌘ T Show Calendar Date…
⌥⌘ ← Previous Day
⌥⌘ → Next Day
⌘ 0 Use Standard Text Size
⌘ + / = Increase Text Size
⌘ - Decrease Text Size
⌥⌘ 0 Use Standard Text Spacing
⌥⌘ + / = Enlarge Text Spacing
⌥⌘ - Reduce Text Spacing
⌃⌘ T Go to Today
⌃⌘ S Go to Selected Note
⌃⌘ ← Go Back in History
⌃⌘ → Go Forward in History
⌥⌘ S Show/Hide Projects Sidebar
⌥⌘ R Show/Hide Related Panel
⌥⌘ I Show/Hide Formatting Palette
⌥⇧⌘ I Show/Hide Formatting Window
⌃⌘ F Enter Full Screen

Window menu

Shortcut Command
⌘ M Minimize
⌥⌘ M Minimize All
⇧⌘ 0 Main Window
⌥⇧⌘ T Tags
⌥⇧⌘ P People
⌥⇧⌘ C Colors
⌥⇧⌘ Y Templates
⌥ ⇧⌘ O Stay on Top of Selected Note (Open in Floating Window)

Help menu

Shortcut Command
⌘ ? Agenda Community

Text Editing

Shortcut Command
⌥/⌃/⇧ ⏎ Insert soft (non-paragraph-breaking) return character
⌥⇥ Insert tab character

Keyboard Navigation

While focus is on the project sidebar:

Shortcut Command
⇥ / ⏎ / → Shift focus to the notes list
Select previous item
Select next item

While focus is on the notes list:

Shortcut Command
Begin editing the selected note
Shift focus to the project sidebar
Select note title
⇧ ⇥ / ↑ Select previous note
⇥ / ↓ Select next note
Escape End editing the selected note

While focus is on the calendar popover:

Shortcut Command
Select previous day (hold ⇧ to extend the selection)
Select next day (hold ⇧ to extend the selection)
⌥ ← Go to previous month
⌥ → Go to next month
Select previous week (hold ⇧ to extend the selection)
Select next week (hold ⇧ to extend the selection)
⌥ ↑ Go to previous year
⌥ ↓ Go to next year
Done / Save
Escape Cancel


Symbol Key

App Tip

Big thanks to @lunkmoln and @BruceN for the above tips!

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know you can assign (and change) the keyboard shortcuts for Agenda yourself? For example you can re-assign the Quickly Open command a different shortcut by going to the System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts:

This works with any command, and also note that those are ellipses (… or ⌥ ;), not three periods.


Hello, thank you for these shortcuts. They are not only super helpful but also taught me some new Agenda features. :+1:

Just a quick question, when we select Preferences in the Agenda App, in Appearance there is an example of the appearance. I noted a green box for article (see screenshot). How do you do this? Or is this just a placeholder example for Command-K and attaching files? Thank you.

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 07.31.44

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I noted a green box for article (see screenshot). How do you do this?

This is an attached file:

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ A Attach File…

Once you have attached the file you can click/tap-and-hold it to reveal a set of options that includes showing it in so-called “inline” style. This will make it appear as a green token:

See also Attachments, Images and Drawings


Perfect, thank you @mekentosj for your help and explanation. I am looking forward to try it out.

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I installed CheatSheet on the Mac and though it works it does not show ALL the shortcuts of Agenda (as compared to the pdf)
Any idea what that is?


Would be great to use CMD + [ and ] to go back and forward in history, just like any other browser. (I’m using the current existing shortcut)

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You can define custom shortcuts for any application in Application Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts and then go to the App Shortcuts section (more detailed instructions here). I have those exact shortcuts set up in fact:


This doesn’t include shortcuts like [[ - which I can’t find anywhere in the forum!

I know how to use [[ to add a link to another note, but I thought it could also be used to create a new note at the same time - but perhaps I’m imaginging that.

just tried and found below 2 shortcut don’t work on MacBook Air.

⌥⌃⌘ ↑ Move to Before First Note
⌥⌃⌘ ↓ Move to After Last Note

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

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Update: this should be fixed in the Agenda 16.1 update I believe.

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This is very helpful, thanks

Hey ya all!
I have a problem regarding the shortcuts. I cant use any shortcut with the „^“. Any idea why? I tried many things, but it just won’t work. It is pretty annoying, because it really slows me down.
Thank you in forward for answers and ideas!

That character indicates the “control” key. Are you using the control key. (It is not the typed letter ^)