Navigating Your Notes



An aspect of Agenda that distinguishes it from other note taking apps is a grab bag of powerful navigational features. Your projects are non-linear, and you need to be able to jump between them, as well as through time, to reach important information, even while you are writing new notes. This section introduces the tools Agenda gives you to navigate efficiently through your projects.


The sidebar on the left acts as a source list for the whole app. It contains your categories, projects, and overviews. This is often your first stop when navigating Agenda.


To show a particular note in a given project…

  1. Select the project in the sidebar on the left.
  2. Scroll down to the note.

If you have added dates to your notes, by default, scrolling down will be going back in time. You can change the order by clicking the project title at the top.

Agenda keeps track of your position in the project, so that the same notes appear next time you select the project, even after quitting.


Overviews are special collections of notes that act like automatically updating searches. Some are built in, like the On the Agenda overview, and some are formed by saving your searches.

To quickly access the notes you are actively working on…

  1. Select the On the Agenda overview.
  2. Select or deselect the yellow dot button top-left on each note to indicate which are currently on your agenda.

To access notes that fall today, or include today in a date range…

  1. Select the Today overview.
  2. Scroll to locate the relevant note.

Jump Menu

To quickly jump to a note in a project…

  1. Click the project title at the top of the list of notes.
  2. In the jump menu that appears, choose the note.

This is particularly useful for very long projects, with many notes.

Related Info Panel

To open the Related Info panel…

  1. Click or drag the handle half way up on the right edge of the window.
  2. If you can’t see the handle, move your mouse over the right edge of the window until it appears.
  3. Select a note, and watch the info adapt to show info relevant to the new selection.

To visit a note that was recently edited…

  1. Open the Related Info panel, if needed.
  2. Select one of the notes in the Recently Edited list.
  3. Click Show More at the bottom to see a longer list.

To go to a note related to the current selection…

  1. Open the Related Info panel, if needed.
  2. Select one of the notes in the Related Notes list.
  3. Click Show More at the bottom to see a longer list.

This list is based on information such as tags and people.

Collapsing Notes

Although not a purely navigational feature, collapsing notes can help you find things more easily by reducing the space taken by notes that are not currently relevant.

To collapse a note…

  1. Double click at the top of the note in the title bar.

To expand a collapsed note…

  • Double click in the title bar.
  • Click on the ellipses button that appears when you hover the mouse over the collapsed note.

On iOS you can also use the pinch gesture to collapse and uncollapse notes. While on Mac (and iPad with external keyboard) you can use the menu commands and corresponding keyboard shortcuts.


Agenda includes a feature more commonly found in web browsers: a history. You can step back through your navigation actions, and then forward again. This is very useful if you want to quickly find information in another project or in an old note, and then jump back to where you were editing.

To go back in your navigation history…

  • Click the small back arrow at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  • Use the View > Back menu item.

If you have gone back in the history, you can move forward again.

  • Click the small forward arrow at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Use the View > Forward menu item.


I think collapsing a note needs a better / more obvious control. First, it’s not obvious how to collapse. Second, only the blank part of the “title bar” works to collapse the note.

I’d also like the option to collapse other notes when I open a note.



Hi Jeff, I’ve expanded the above info with the following:

Hopefully that helps!


Thanks for the overview! Is there a way to navigate through time over all notes, not just in the selected project?


Not directly but you can shift/command click the projects in the sidebar to select multiple projects. Selecting them all would give you this overview. Note that it’s not possible yet to have them be shown in a mode ungrouped by project, this is something we have plans for to add.