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When are you guys releasing Agenda for Android? I do not see it in the Play store, and my team is in the midst of narrowing down products that manage notes from all levels within our business. We are also looking for integration with Slack. If you guys haven’t released the Android app, please let me know so we can either continue to evaluate Agenda or move closer to Evernote.

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Web app, Windows support, Android?

In the same realm as different sync solutions, we definitely hear you when you say you would love to see a web app , windows , and/or Android version of Agenda. And yes, in an ideal world we would love to give you those. But we also have to be realistic and with the small team we have we have to pick our battles, not just technically (like implementing the above alternative sync solutions as a prerequisite), but also, can we support all these platforms the same way we can on macOS and iOS. This all to say that you cannot expect these in the near future, but we are not ruling out bringing them in the future. Just not right now, because this post already shows we have plenty to do for iOS and macOS first.

Although I would also love to have Agenda for other platforms we have to understand that they are a small team and there is still a lot to be done on the current released versions.

Thank you for replying so quickly. I understand your resource problem, but it is due to your poor understanding of the market needs right now, and years beyond. I have cofounded 3 startups, with another coming soon, and we remain laser-focused on the mobile market alone. There is very little return on the corporate OS space if any. You are pouring too much capacity into the wrong buckets. Reach out to me directly if you are interested in having a chat.

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Mark Schouls

Hi Mark,

Have a look at this post to better understand our ambitions and where we’re coming from:

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It’s unbelievable that you have a fine productivity app and don’t have a plan to build the Android app anytime yet. Even though over 70% of mobile users are on Android worldwide.
Here’s a thought - you could open a survey for how many people would be willing to buy the Android app OR maybe start preorder the app subscription.
Then hire Android developer to build it.


I love Agenda but makes nonsense for me to use it on my iMac if you don’t have an Android app.

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