Linking Airmail 3 and Things 3

Greetings. I got the full feature of Agenda in hopes to add to my workflow but I am still wondering about App connectivity such as Airmail 3 and Things 3.

The Airmail connectivity is very vital to note taking as I reference email in much of my work.

The Things 3 maybe redundant it seems but much of my GTD is handled there.
I’m thinking of this as more a note taker than a planner.


There is basic integration now. For example, you can drag something from Things into Agenda to get a back link. You can also select a note in Agenda, and choose Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link, and paste that in Things to link to an Agenda note.

Can you be more specific about what sort of features you would like to see? What workflow would you like to support?

Thanks that’s it for now. I can drag the notes to Things 3 as agenda link.
I’m good with that.

I also see that I can drag email items from AirMail 3 to Agenda. This is ok for now.

In the future, perhaps you can add a service interface with Airmail 3 to improve the workflow.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, support for Services and Sharing Extensions are on our todo.

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Things has been rolling out more extensive automation support. So it’s possible to create projects with full task lists and the like. It’d be interesting if I could tell Agenda to take a list of action items (or really, all tasks in a given note) and create a project in Things or OmniFocus from it without me having to copy it all over manually.

Indeed, this is being discussed in more details here: Sync projects with GTD tools and 3rd party Integration - #11 by hans

Thanks… don’t forget to prioritize AIRMAIL 3 ‘send to’ services please. thanks

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Update: You’ll be pleased to know that in the 2.1 update we now support the Things and Airmail sharing extensions, including the ability to directly send PDF emails:


Thanks for this new update! Maybe I am the only one to ask, but even if it would be possible to share Spark on Agenda, together Airmail and Things, would be really good.

If Spark has a sharing extension it should show up in Agenda too.

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Yes, it does! But it doesn’t appear like on Airmail, where the note is perfect like it is on Agenda itself and even the links are visible and usable. This doesn’t happen on Spark. :grinning

I’m afraid that’s something to take up with the developers of Spark, Airmail shows we’re providing the right ingredients :smiley:

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It seems you’re right. This is what I did: I’ve chosen selected Note

In Airmail:

In Spark:

Spark is telling through its sharing extension that it only supports plaintext. Airmail advertises it can also handle RichText, hence that is what Agenda delivers it.

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Can i do the same thIng with Spark or Gmail: Can I forward my email to Agenda, creating therefore a new task or note?


Not yet, this is an interesting idea, requires quite a bit of development work though.


Are these additional services (Airmail, Things) only available in the premium version?

No, these are available in the free version as well.

Good conversation. Now that we talk about linking, I’m trying to replace Todoist and move notes from Airmail to Agenda or at least create pointers, so I can look at the Agenda and get back to an email in Airmail

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and while we are on the topic, what about Fantastical?