Sync projects with GTD tools

Love the tool. Any power user will have a fairly long and active project list, plus a preferred GTD tool. Being able to keep my projects list in sync with whichever tool I’m using for my primary workflow (Things, Omnifocus, 2Do, etc.) would make it much more likely Agenda becomes a core part of my workflow.


I agree with this one. Hope that Agenda could be integrated with task managers and other calendars app like Fantastical…


Thanks for the feedback. Integration with other apps is certainly something we would like to improve.


See also this topic: Opening events in third-party calendar apps

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Adding my vote to this one. Absolutely love the approach that Agenda has taken to note taking, and really appreciate the business model, too (premium level was an instant buy for me based on those items alone!).

The ability to create and link to items in a task manager (OmniFocus, in my case) in the same way I can already create and link to calendar items would be a very welcome addition.


Agenda for me is one of the missing link between notes and task manager app. Like what happened to omnioutliner and omnifocus where there’s a gap that needs to be fixed.


Thanks for the link

I use 2Do, and I would like for Agenda to fit in my GTD workflow as well.


In some apps could be easy to implement this feature with the help of URL Schemes. For example, in OmniFocus the way is to support the x-callback-url support. Then, when create a task it will do something like:


and then OmniFocus will answer with a callback with the omnifocus link to the created task. See for details.


Note that it is already possible to drag OmniFocus events into Agenda as a link. That may already help.



This is a very interesting topic. I believe that Agenda has the potential to replace applications such as Things or Omnifocus for various user profiles. It is true that it still lacks functionalities, but it is logical we are in a version 1. For me it would be preferable that Agenda had integration with Zapier before with specific apps


A link between Agenda and Things would be mindblowing for my use case.

Agenda and Things occupy very similar ground but offer a different aspect on it. Things the very short form, Agenda the detail. If the two could be automatically aligned it would be incredible.


Although I use Omnifocus, I agree with bill.standen.

What I want to happen with my workflow is that notes and long list of to dos and information, picture, etc. is stored in Agenda. It’s linked (maybe via URL) to Omnifocus, so I do not need to input all information and bullets to Omnifocus.


My suggestion is to begin by simply using the built in URL/link support that both apps provide. You can drag Things/Omnifocus items into Agenda, and get a backlink. Same the other way: you can click the cog on a note, and get an Agenda Link to paste into the other apps. (We are going to look into if we can have this work via dragging as well.)


Thanks. in the mean time, I’ll do that. Thanks

Wow! Turned out to be great! Sometimes, when I look at Omnifocus, I’m overcrowded with details that I do not need at the moment.

With agenda, now I could just focus with the project then, have the Subheading of Agenda linked to the Subprojects of Omnifocus.



I have owned Things for several years now, and it’s too much for me. I’ve attempted to start up with it several times and always get away from it. Now, I use Fantastical 2 and Notes for most everything I do.

Agenda hits the sweet spot for me - it’s the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. I can do GTD in it by setting up a few categories without all the added complexity of Things - and use it as a great Notes replacement, as well.

However, integration with Fantastical 2 will be essential for me as I’ve noted in another thread. I do not use Calendar at all and without the 3rd party integration, Agenda is only 80% there. Hopefully this can be added as part of the paid upgrade soon.


Definitely an interesting topic, and one that I’m trying to mentally sort out. It seems like Agenda could easily replace my current task manager (Things) for about half of what I use it for, and with better results. But things like simple, repeating tasks (set out the trash every Wednesday, for example) are better left in Things. So the issue is how to take advantage of what Agenda offers without adding an overall layer of task-management complexity … and having to check two sets of lists instead of one.

I can’t come up with a workflow that efficiently addresses this, and will appreciate hearing what others are thinking, since this will be fundamental to Agenda’s use. Some sort of global sync would be ideal, of course, but there’d be substantial technical challenges in that, with diferent processes involved for each major task manager …

The 1.4 update will allow you to open the events in Fantastical.


Inegration with popular task managers is a big one for me here too. For any of us our Task manager is the foundation of our productivity. An app like Agenda may be useful but may also just add friction, confusion, clutter. Making the task manager, notes app, and calendar work harmoniously is still the missing link as far as I am concerned.