Sync projects with GTD tools



Just a thought on it. Was thinking it would be great if I could flag a note or a checklist item as “add to OmniFocus” (for example) and it would create a task in a project (of the same name) in omnifocus). Then conversely when the item is checked off (in either omnifocus or agenda) it would be completed in both. Not sure how feasable this is but it would be really nice.


Thanks. We have ideas for those types of extensions. Stay tuned!


Yes! Nice suggestion. I also would love to have a feature like this!


Excited for this!


If integration with other apps is a plan, can I put in a plug for Spark? I love how Spark lets me add emails directly into OneNote and Evernote and Pocket right from their app… So much of our work continues to be done via email, it would really make Agenda a powerful tool for tracking conversations related to specific projects. Thanks!


just my 2 cents worth- integration w Todoist, would be great



Definitely agree with the above - Agenda seems like it could be the perfect intersection of notes, tasks and calendars so integrations with apps like Todoist would be extremely helpful. Maybe as an initial step their could be room in the sidebar (where the calendar currently appears) for the today section of an app like Todoist or Things?

Would be great if deeper integrations (like the idea of tasks being created in Agenda appearing in other apps) could be introduced in the future but appreciate that you have a lot on your plate!


+1 to that! would be great


A seamless integration with Omnifocus would be great!


So how exactly did you do this?? :thinking: I use Omnifocus with Agenda Notes as well. And I am trying to figure out how to link them to each other… Thanks



Oh, what I did was just drag the project/subproject to agenda notes. You have to start with Calendar /Agenda though not the other way around (Starting with Omnifocus). But until Agenda supports integration completely to task managers, linking is not sufficient.

What I hope is that I could start with Omnifocus, click a URL linked to an Agenda note where I could find the details of the Task at OF. That would limit the information found in OF.

Hope this helps.


In case you are not aware, here are some things you can do:

  1. Drag an omnifocus item into an Agenda note. This should give a clickable link.
  2. Create a link to an Agenda note using the cog button at the bottom and Copy As > Agenda Link. You can paste this link into Omnifocus to be able to jump back to Agenda.

There is indeed no paragraph level linking possible yet. We would like to head in that direction in future.



Thanks for the reply!


Tried and it out. Solved (in the meantime) what I was looking for.


Doesn’t work for me - Agenda makes a link to omnifocus - not to a specific task in omnifocus.


Just tested this, and definitely working for me. Make sure you select an item in OmniFocus, then drag it to Agenda. When you click that link, it not only goes to Omnifocus, but also shows the item.



You’re right. My issue was due to other problems. Thanks. This is JUST what I needed!


I’d like to add another vote on this one. I have been looking for a tool that integrates notes and tasks for some time, so downloaded Agenda for evaluation as soon as I saw it—I like the paradigm and it looks very promising. But for Agenda to be truly useful to my work style I will need task management integration as well. Since no one in this thread has mentioned Apple Reminders, may I suggest that as a possible integration? I use GoodTask, which uses the Reminders engine.


How about Todoist and Evernote
those apps are very popular.


Whichever apps are supported, there should be a way of working from a common list of projects between the two tools. Deluxe implementation would be to sync actual items and attributes of those items between the two tools but I doubt that is feasible given the breadth of tools people use.