Sync projects with GTD tools



Yes, I think it would be very difficult. We are planning to integrate better with Apple’s Reminders for tasks.

In general, when working with other tools, I think it is better to use links/urls to jump between the apps. Instead of having duplicated tasks in Agenda and some other app, you might use eg Things for high level task lists, with links into Agenda for the much finer lower level tasks and notes.


I use both in split screen side by side. It’s finally won me over from Omnifocus after many many years.


I noticed that the new 3.4 version of Things has an URL scheme by which other applications can exchange information with it.

It would be nice if Agenda could cooperate with Things through this mechanism.

More information:

Also, this may be an inspiration for Agenda, to provide an API to external applications…


Hi Hans,

Yeah, I saw that they added that. Was a little surprised they didn’t already have something like that.

Agenda has URLs that can link to notes and to projects. You use the Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link to make them. That’s already pretty useful. It is like Things “show” URLs, in that if you click one, Agenda should open and show you the item.

Things new API goes further than that of course, and in time, I’m sure we will extend our scheme. We also have some completely novel ways to share data on the drawing board, but that will have to wait until we have the big ticket items (h-hmm iOS) out of the way.


Don’t bother with todo-app integrations. Work on third-party app MIGRATIONS. If I could import my todos from OmniFocus and notes from Evernote, I would never look back.


I have a bit of the same issue: I have used OmniFocus for years, and Apple Notes. I haven’t quite fully migrated to Agenda, because I am waiting until we have the iOS app, but when I do, I am thinking about just leaving a lot of the data behind. Think of it as a spring cleaning. Probably 90% of the data in OmniFocus is stuff I will never need again.

So for now, I am starting to use Agenda for new projects. I still use OmniFocus, but to be honest, it is more just a simple reminder list at the moment.

I have copied across some notes from Apple Notes. Once we have iOS and inline images, I would probably bring across what I need, and leave the rest.


I absolutely agree with that. I think integration with Spark would be great! I already suggested that in another note.


Would appreciate integrations with Todoist as well.


+1 on OmniFocus integration!


OmniFocus integration please!


Has anyone tried the “Share” trick I’ve written about? It works great for integration to Apple Notes and Todoist. I used to have OmniFocus and I’m betting that SHARE will work with OF2 also.


Note that there should be some basic integration there already. You can drag OF items into agenda and get a link to them. And the share trick probably works too: right click on some selected text to create an item in OF.


Update: You’ll be pleased to know that in the 2.1 update we now support all sharing extensions that are enabled in the System Preferences. This should make it easier to interact with a number of third party GTD and system apps:


Looks on my system this is only for Apple Reminders. Not other Apps. Am I missing something?


Looks on my system this is only for Apple Reminders. Not other Apps. Am I missing something?

Depends on which apps you’ve installed and whether you have their sharing extensions enabled in the system preferences under “Extensions”:


I checked that. I have 2Do included, for instance as well as Todoist but when I click the Share and “Create Reminder” the only thing that comes up is Reminders.

You’ll notice that toward the bottom, “Add to Todoist” comes up. If I click on “Selected Note” Indeed Todoist comes alive and inserts the note in a Task Item (very nice). I am wondering how that got there? You see “Add to Toodoist” and “Simulator”. Where is Agenda picking these up?

NEVER MIND I GOT IT. I had failed to upgrade to 2.1! Getting all the integrations at the bottom, but still the “Create Reminder” is ONLY Apple Reminders.


Ah I see what you mean, yes Create Reminder is indeed the sharing extension of the Reminders App, you need to use the specific extension of the application you’d like to target, in your case 2Do.


:heart::heart::heart: the share option for GTD Tools :hearts::hearts::hearts:

I’ve already used it together with Omnifocus.

Just the iOS app and my workflow’s all set.


I thought I’d share my thoughts from a thread I started – should’ve added them here in the first place.

I’m new to Agenda but very excited by it – I’m starting a long process of migrating my 1400+ notes in Apple Notes (and ditching as many of those as possible) to Agenda and I can’t wait to leave Apple Notes behind. Notes is just too generic for my taste and needs. Agenda has, well, an agenda; I like that it has an opinion, and the best part of its design is the idea of a timeline of notes.

I also love Things. But Agenda and Things have both divergences and overlaps. I have some thoughts on how they can work together.

Right now in Things I have lots of categories and projects (as with Agenda) and the overhead of aligning my notes and tasks between projects in Agenda and Things seems too much like busywork. The real value of Things for me is rapid recording of discrete tasks. The breakdown of Things tasks into categories/projects is less helpful to me though I slavishly obey the process.

And so it occurs to me that I can use Things for the rapid recording of tasks and Agenda for organising my work in timelines over the course of a project. In other words: use Things for its Inbox (and related Today/Upcoming/Anytime/Someday overviews) to capture tasks and then sort them into larger Agenda projects as needed.

I thought I’d share this since we’re all trying to figure out good workflows now – and if anyone has some thoughts on how to further improve on the thoughts I’ve shared.

Now just to ditch Apple Notes asap!




That’s something I would quite like to do, but I’m surprised that you’ve been able to minimize your OF use to such an extent. Agenda isn’t yet big on hierarchy, which means the number of categories of things that can be made visible on one screen is quite small, and as yet there’s nothing like OF’s Focus view, to say nothing of OF’s perspectives, contexts, and Review function.

For a while to come, I think I’m going to be using the various integrations explained in this thread.