Sync projects with GTD tools



I personally am using Agenda like a more organised version of Notes and Things is keeping its role as my organised list of tasks. I think the two work together very well – they even look similar! I have them side-by-side on a split screen space.



TBH I never used a lot of the features of OF. It is a very powerful app, but I used it more like an outliner with due date capabilities. And Agenda is well suited to that usage.

If you are using OF for more powerful things, you are probably best with a mix of the apps.


The 1.4 update will allow you to open the events in Fantastical.

Is this a premium feature???


No, it should work also in the free version, see Opening events in third-party calendar apps. Creating events is a premium feature.


I agree. Agenda, as soon as the iOS app is up and running, will replace my todo-apps and Evernote. The gap in my workflow is the lack of the iOS app.


I agree. Zapier allows me to select the app I would like to integrate with Agenda, like Trello and Slack.


That would be very helpful for me, too


I agree, I like the way agenda drive things into a date driven order that others miss, but there’s still functionality that Things has which is absent in Agenda.

A sensible workflow that doesn’t involve too much switching or cutting and pasting is hard to work out. I’m relatively new to Agenda so I can’t claim familiarity yet.


I can see it replacing Evernote for notes I make, but what about notes and clippings of websites etc? Will you do those in Agenda, or still in Evernote?


We are in the process of adding attachments. This allows any sort of file to be added to a note. It may be possible to support web archives in this way, as well as PDFs.


When Agenda supports them, I will make the transition from Evernote to Agenda for storing web clippings, etc. I had some technical issues with Agenda which seems to have been fixed, so I hope to resume using it as the central focus of my daily workflow.


Is it for MacOS? Cos in iOS it doesn’t work that way. It only shows text from the note on the text field. No link


I was indeed referring to macOS, but at least the second option should work on iOS, ie, copying an Agenda Link and pasting that into another app.


1 step closer to buying MacOS premium))


To anyone interested in using Agenda and Omnifocus in combination I encourage to have a look at the below video:


Very new to the app and loving it.

A big +1 for OmniFocus integration.


I can not drag a task from Things to agenda on the iPad. It doesn’t work…I can drag from agenda to Things just fine.


Thanks for reporting this. Do you know if that worked before?

In any case, we will investigate. It is worth noting that you do need to have the cursor in the note to drag into Agenda.

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